UK Map

Hi friends, We have a new a updated for 2018 map of the United Kingdom (UK Map). Has much changed? No not really. The Orkney Islands are still in the same place and the Shetland Islands have not wandered off to the Americas. Internally the UK is basically the same although, there is still a chance that Scotland may separate from England due to this Brexit fiasco. If that does happen we will be rushing out a new map of the UK as soon as the dust settles.

What does this map offer that previous UK maps didn’t? This map is much larger and all the big cities and counties marked. Counties like Northumberland, Cumbria and Strathclyde. We have plans on adding maps of all these counties to

This map also highlights the large motorways and railway routes that cross the United Kingdom. So it is a good travel companion for those tourists who are lucky enough to be exploring the UK.