Colorful Map Of Europe

Click on the image above to get a big colorful map of Europe.

Here we have a simple but colorful map of Europe. It is blank enough that people will be able to download it and modify it. We are dedicating 2019 to adding as many different map of Europe as we can. After all we are so eventually this site should become the biggest repository of map related to the continent of Europe.

Below here we have a list of the most popular Europe maps on the site.

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Map of Europe – Importance of Ancestry to the Country

Europe importance of ancestry to country

Here we have a map of Europe that shows the countries that most value local ancestry in the population all the way down to the countries that value it the least. the lowest appear to be Norway and Finland. The Baltic and Eastern Block countries seem to value it the most. Countries like Russia, Ukraine and Georgia. Controversially some people call this the racism map of Europe. technically this is not rue as a major sign of racism in a country tends to be the number neo-nazi groups. When you map the number of neo-nazis over a map of Europe it does not necessarily follow this map.

Map of Trees Per Square Kilometer in Europe


This great little map shows just how wooded the countries of Europe are. One of the general trends we can see is that the northern countries of Europe tend to have more trees. Although there are a few exceptions one being Portugal and some of the Baltic countries like Slovenia and Croatia.

The most heavily forested countries in Europe are Finland, Sweden and the aforementioned Slovenia. there are some notable mentions like Montenegro, Russia, Albania and Estonia.

As would be expected, Iceland has a very low concentration of trees. Due to it being a country of mostly volcanic activity, topped with ice and snow. The countries that are a bit of a surprise for having such a low tree population are England, Scotland, Whales and Ireland. When thinking of these countries you generally conjure up images of green countryside, although the green in this case must be hedges, plains and farmland.

How do the Irish see the Map of Europe?

Irish map of europeOk this Map of Europe is just a bit of fun. One of our employees is an extremely proud Irishman and was talking about the St Patrick’s Day. it was mentioned that the whole world seemed to celebrate St Patrick’s day (a bit like the German Oktoberfest). Then he decided to show us how the Irish viewed the rest of Europe by making a special map for us. so without any further a adieu we present “how the Irish see the Map of Europe”.

How Greece views the rest of Europe 2012

Map of How Greece views the rest of Europe

We have all seen the funny maps about how countries view the rest of the world. Well one of our editors here at is an avid follower of European politics and is also a keen dabbler in the stock market and bond market. All the turmoil that Europe has seen in the finance area in late 2011 to earlier 2012, has prompted him to make this map and send it around the office. Needless to say we all had a good laugh so we decided to share it with you guys. He has asked us to forgive him for the lack of propriety, being of Greek heritage himself he feels he has the right to post something like this. We ask you to remember that this is all tongue in cheek and is here as a little comic relief in these trying times.