Map of Croatia

Croatia Map

Croatia Map

We have added a new Croatia Map. The old one has become a bit long in the tooth but does have some characteristics that the new map doesn’t. So we have included it below if you are here looking for that map.

This new map was added in 2019 and includes all major roads, provinces and larger towns and cities. The provinces and capital cities are included in the table below and are in population order.

Croatia is still on the Europe map for the year 2020.

City / townCountyPopulation
Zagreb Zagreb802,588
Split Split-Dalmatia178,102
Rijeka Primorje-Gorski Kotar128,624
Osijek Osijek-Baranja108,048
Zadar Zadar County75,062
Velika Gorica Zagreb County63,517
Slavonski Brod Brod-Posavina59,141
Pula/Pola Istria County57,460
Karlovac Karlovac County55,705
Sisak Sisak-Moslavina47,768
Varaždin Varaždin County46,946
Šibenik Šibenik-Knin46,332
Dubrovnik Dubrovnik-Neretva42,615
Bjelovar Bjelovar-Bilogora40,276
Kaštela Split-Dalmatia38,667
Samobor Zagreb County37,633
Vinkovci Vukovar-Srijem35,312
Koprivnica Koprivnica-Križevci30,854
Đakovo Osijek-Baranja27,745
Vukovar Vukovar-Srijem27,683
Čakovec Međimurje27,104
Požega Požega-Slavonia26,248
Zaprešić Zagreb County25,223
Sinj Split-Dalmatia24,826
Petrinja Sisak-Moslavina24,671
Solin Split-Dalmatia23,926
Kutina Sisak-Moslavina22,760
Virovitica Virovitica-Podravina County21,291
Križevci Koprivnica-Križevci21,122
Sveta Nedelja Zagreb County18,059
Dugo Selo Zagreb County17,466
Metković Dubrovnik-Neretva16,788
Poreč/Parenzo Istria County16,696
Našice Osijek-Baranja16,224
Sveti Ivan Zelina Zagreb County15,959
Jastrebarsko Zagreb County15,866
Knin Šibenik-Knin15,407
Omiš Split-Dalmatia14,936
Vrbovec Zagreb County14,797
Ivanić-Grad Zagreb County14,548
Rovinj/Rovigno Istria County14,294
Nova Gradiška Brod-Posavina14,229
Ogulin Karlovac County13,915
Makarska Split-Dalmatia13,834
Ivanec Varaždin County13,758
Slatina Virovitica-Podravina County13,686
Novska Sisak-Moslavina13,518
Umag/Umago Istria County13,467
Novi Marof Varaždin County13,246
Trogir Split-Dalmatia13,192
Gospić Lika-Senj12,745
Krapina Krapina-Zagorje12,480
Županja Vukovar-Srijem12,090
Popovača Sisak-Moslavina11,905
Opatija Primorje-Gorski Kotar11,659
Labin/Albona Istria County11,642
Daruvar Bjelovar-Bilogora11,633
Valpovo Osijek-Baranja11,563
Pleternica Požega-Slavonia11,323
Duga Resa Karlovac County11,180
Crikvenica Primorje-Gorski Kotar11,122
Benkovac Zadar County11,026
Belišće Osijek-Baranja10,825
Imotski Split-Dalmatia10,764
Garešnica Bjelovar-Bilogora10,472
Kastav Primorje-Gorski Kotar10,440
Ploče Dubrovnik-Neretva10,135
Beli Manastir Osijek-Baranja10,068
Otočac Lika-Senj9,778
Donji Miholjac Osijek-Baranja9,491
Glina Sisak-Moslavina9,283
Trilj Split-Dalmatia9,109
Zabok Krapina-Zagorje8,994
Vodice Šibenik-Knin8,875
Pazin/Pisino Istria County8,638
Ludbreg Varaždin County8,478
Pakrac Požega-Slavonia8,460
Lepoglava Varaždin County8,283
Bakar Primorje-Gorski Kotar8,279
Đurđevac Koprivnica-Križevci8,264
Mali Lošinj Primorje-Gorski Kotar8,116
Čazma Bjelovar-Bilogora8,077
Rab Primorje-Gorski Kotar8,065
Prelog Međimurje7,815
Drniš Šibenik-Knin7,498
Senj Lika-Senj7,182
Ozalj Karlovac County6,817
Ilok Vukovar-Srijem6,767
Pregrada Krapina-Zagorje6,594
Vrgorac Split-Dalmatia6,572
Grubišno Polje Bjelovar-Bilogora6,478
Varaždinske Toplice Varaždin County6,364
Otok Vukovar-Srijem6,343
Mursko Središće Međimurje6,307
Krk Primorje-Gorski Kotar6,281
Kutjevo Požega-Slavonia6,247
Lipik Požega-Slavonia6,170
Oroslavje Krapina-Zagorje6,138
Buzet/Pinguente Istria County6,133
Vodnjan/Dignano Istria County6,119
Zlatar Krapina-Zagorje6,096
Delnice Primorje-Gorski Kotar5,952
Donja Stubica Krapina-Zagorje5,680
Korčula Dubrovnik-Neretva5,663
Biograd na Moru Zadar County5,569
Orahovica Virovitica-Podravina County5,304
Buje/Buie Istria County5,182
Novi Vinodolski Primorje-Gorski Kotar5,113
Slunj Karlovac County5,076
Vrbovsko Primorje-Gorski Kotar5,076
Kraljevica Primorje-Gorski Kotar4,618
Novigrad/Cittànova Istria County4,345
Obrovac Zadar County4,323
Hvar Split-Dalmatia4,251
Supetar Split-Dalmatia4,074
Pag Zadar County3,846
Skradin Šibenik-Knin3,825
Čabar Primorje-Gorski Kotar3,770
Novalja Lika-Senj3,663
Opuzen Dubrovnik-Neretva3,254
Klanjec Krapina-Zagorje2,915
Cres Primorje-Gorski Kotar2,879
Stari Grad Split-Dalmatia2,781
Hrvatska Kostajnica Sisak-Moslavina2,756
Nin Zadar County2,744
Vrlika Split-Dalmatia2,177
Vis Split-Dalmatia1,934
Komiža Split-Dalmatia1,526

Whether you intend to visit Croatia as a tourist or just for any other activities, you will definitely fall in love with the cities, the people and the country as a whole. This map of Croatia will help you discover its delights. The country is located in Europe and has a bigger population than most other European countries. The country is a member of the European Union and has for a long time been involved in major decision making processes of the union.

There are cheap flights available from major airlines to Croatia any month of the year. The cheap flights are available online and offline. Many airlines offer the cheap flights during the festive seasons or their respective anniversaries. It can sometimes be tricky to get the cheap flights but with patience and a little research, the cheap flights can be found without having to struggle.

There are many more Tourist Attractions in Croatia than in most other European countries. In fact Croatia is one of Europe’s premier travel destinations. They are located in different places within the country and they charge reasonably affordable charges for their services. Zagreb is one of the cities tourists will definitely fall in love with. The city is Croatia’s capital and has numerous museums and galleries for every art and history lover. Accommodations in Zagreb are not a challenge but compared to other cities and towns hotels and lodges here are slightly expensive. To find a good place to stay during your vacation or holiday, make early bookings. These can be done online or through your travel agency. With early bookings you can secure reduced charges and probably get the best room a guest house or a lodge has. All places rendering accommodation services treat their guests like royalty so you should not worry at all about when kind of treatment you will receive.

There are nice beaches on the coastline where all the fun begins. Here, one gets to sample all the seafood available and even have a chance to chat with the locals. The seafood can be served hot on the beach or if you like, you can make a room service order and enjoy the food in the privacy of your own room. There are also beach games like beach volleyball and beach soccer. Then there is the wonderful under water adventures that come along with scuba diving. If you have never tried under water experience, try it in Croatia. You will definitely love the experience. There are other lots of parks to enjoy all across Croatia. To find out more about the cool places in Croatia consult your travel guide agency.

Before you travel Croatia, make sure you know the kind of weather you are going to find there. Summers are mostly crowded with tourist flying to the coastal parts of Croatia while winters have fewer flights because of the cold weather. The best time to fly to Croatia is during spring when the weather is cool and there are cheap flights to most cities of Europe. Then make sure you find some time to chat with the locals. You will fall in love with them due to their friendly nature. Lastly get a map of Croatia so you will know where to go around.

Below we have our old Map of Croatia.
map of Croatia