• Physical Map of Europe

    Physical Map of Europe

    Physical Map of Europe We have added a “Physical Map of Europe” to our collection. So what is a Physical map anyway and how would it differ from a “Political Map of Europe“? Physical maps have virtually the same information as political maps however they are designed to show physical …Read More »
  • Map of Europe 2021

    Map of Europe 2021

    Europe Political Map 2021 With the year 2021 about to end we decided that it was time to add an updated version of our map of Europe. Physically, not a lot has changed from the beginning to the end of 2021. The Crimea is technically still part of Ukraine but …Read More »
  • Europe Political Map

    Europe Political Map

    Political Map of Europe   We have a new Europe Map for 2020 and a World Map for 2020. Above we have a massive map of Europe. The size of the map is 2500 pixels by 1761. To get the full view you need to click on the image and …Read More »
  • World Map

    World Map

    We have already added a map of the world for 2019. Have a look for yourself. Above we have a simple World Map with continents and Regions in different colors. Here at “Map of Europe” we realized that many users coming to our site wanted to look at a map …Read More »
  • Rail Europe Map 2020

    Rail Europe Map 2020

    Eurail Map 2020 We have updated this map for the year 2020. Here we have an updated map of all the intercontinental railway lines of Europe. 2019 is fast approaching and rail network will not be changing next year so we though we would put this up for those trying …Read More »
  • 10 Smallest Countries in Europe

    10 Smallest Countries in Europe

    What are the 10 smallest countries in Europe? In 2020 this list has not changed. The only real difference to the current map of Europe is that the UK has left the European Union because of Brexit. This is a list of the ten (10) smallest countries within Europe. What …Read More »
  • Map of Hungary

    Map of Hungary

    Hungary map We have added a new Hungary map for 2019 as the old one was starting to show some wear and tear. it shows all the provinces, capital city, major cities and major roads. As people generate more revenues these days, they are now getting more inclined to leisure …Read More »
  • Map of Croatia

    Map of Croatia

    Croatia Map We have added a new Croatia Map. The old one has become a bit long in the tooth but does have some characteristics that the new map doesn’t. So we have included it below if you are here looking for that map. This new map was added in …Read More »
  • EU Map

    EU Map

    Map of the EU Click on the image above to get a large version of the map of the European Union. The European Union is currently a conglomeration of 28 European countries, which we will list below. The map has included the United Kingdom. However due to the Brexit vote https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brexit, …Read More »
  • Map of Spain

    Map of Spain

    Spain is a lovely place to visit, with one of Europe’s best climates and friendly people to boot. A vacation to Spain will leave you with some amazing lasting memories. Travel around this wonderful country is easy. You can’t escape Spain’s history and culture even if you wanted to. It is …Read More »
  • Map of Serbia

    Map of Serbia

    Serbia Map We have added a new Serbia map for 2019. it shows all the major roads, provinces, capital city and other major cities. Serbia is on the Europe map for 2020 but isn’t on the EU Map for 2020. In the map of Europe, you can actually see a …Read More »
  • Map of Montenegro

    Map of Montenegro

    Montegro is still on the Europe map for 2020 but not on the European Union map for 2020. If you love travelling around the world, then you should not miss passing through Montenegro. Because of the scenic and beautiful attractions which the country offers which you will see in the map of …Read More »
  • Latest Coronavirus World Map

    Latest Coronavirus World Map

    Coronavirus Outbreak As of todays date (18th of February 2020) the Coronavirus has infected 73,259 individuals and killed 1,868. The vast majority being from China and of those Chinese most are from Hubei province. As the The humanitarian costs of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continue to rise we will be …Read More »
  • Map of Western Europe

    Map of Western Europe

    Western Europe as we know it, is a geopolitical construct that came into being at the time of the Cold War. Although references to West and Eastern Europe can be traced back to the Roman empire. Shortly after World War 2 the alliance between the USSR and England/USA broke down …Read More »
  • Map of Eastern Europe

    Map of Eastern Europe

    The countries in Red above make up what is known as Eastern Europe. East Europe as a concept has been in decline since the end of the cold war. Many of the countries on the Western border of the above countries marked in red have either entered the European Union …Read More »
  • Live Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak World Map

    Live Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak World Map

     The Coronavirus is speading faster than the WHO expected. There are new cases popping up everyday and more people are dying as a result. Even countries like Australia that should have been considered relatively safe due to being in the summer season are getting more cases daily. The travel …Read More »
  • EU Map 2021

    EU Map 2021

    Map of the EU 2021 With Boris Johnson winning the UK election with a thumping majority the current EU map is going to change in a very big way. All us map making sites are in a bit of “tizzy” as to how to handle this. He at mapofeurope.com we …Read More »
  • World Map 2021

    World Map 2021

    Map of the World 2021 Above we have a new world map for 2021. Not much has changed since 2019. Brexit is destined to happen now that Boris Johnson won a thumping majority in the UK parliament. However that does not affect the borders marked on this map at all. …Read More »
  • Map of Google Street View Coverage in Germany and Austria

    Map of Google Street View Coverage in Germany and Austria

    Both the countries of Germany and Austria had decided in 2010 to not allow Google street view operate in the respective countries. This decision has made for a very unusual map of Germany and Austria. In the map above you can see that the countries all around have squiggly green …Read More »
  • Slovakia


    We have added a new Slovakia map for 2019. It shows all the major roads, major cities, Capital city and Provinces. Slovakia is a small country located in the Central Europe, south of Poland. Most part of the country is rugged and mountainous. Thus, it is a perfect destination for winter sports …Read More »
  • Map of Albania

    Map of Albania

    Albania Map For 2019 we have added a new Albania map. The old one was starting to look a bit dated and a few things had changed since that map was drawn. Words cannot describe the beautiful and almost untouched coastlines in Albania. You can walk across Europe and still …Read More »
  • Map of Slovenia

    Map of Slovenia

    Slovenia Map We have added a new Slovenia map for 2019 as the old one was starting to show some wear and tear. it shows all the provinces, capital city, major cities and major roads. Slovenia lies in the heart of Europe. This small green country has an area measuring …Read More »
  • Map of Poland

    Map of Poland

    Poland Map We have added a Poland map for 2019 and beyond. Below is a List of Provinces and some of the stats about those provinces. Abbreviation Province Polish Name Capital Cities Population Area Sqare Km DS Lower Silesian dolnośląskie Wrocław 2,901,000 19,947 KP Kuyavian-Pomeranian kujawsko-pomorskie Bydgoszcz1,Toruń2 2,079,900 17,972 LU …Read More »
  • Map of Monaco

    Map of Monaco

    Quick facts about Monaco Location: Western Europe, bordering the Mediterranean Sea on the southern coast of France, near the border with Italy Geographic coordinates: 43 44 N, 7 24 E Area: “total: 1.95 sq km land: 1.95 sq km water: 0 sq km” Land boundaries: “total: 4.4 km border countries: …Read More »
  • Istanbul


    Istanbul once known as Constantinople People always wonder about the thing that makes Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey one of the world’s famous cities in Europe. Perhaps it is important that such people travel to Istanbul so that they can experience, first-hand, the various cultural centers and other tourist …Read More »
  • Prague


    Click on the map of Prague above to enlarge.  Prague the cosmopolitan treasure What makes Prague, which is the largest and capital city of the Czech Republic, different from other cities? Is it worth spending your holidays in or is it just an ordinary city with nothing for its visitors …Read More »
  • Map of Berlin

    Map of Berlin

    Berlin Map   This map of Berlin shows all the major boroughs and suburbs they are broken up into. When travelling around Berlin make sure you always have a map on you as it can get pretty confusing. Berlin is one of those iconic European cities. It was destroyed almost …Read More »
  • Blank Map of Europe

    Blank Map of Europe

      Here is a blank map of Europe. Unlike most other blank Europe maps we have made the oceans blue to distinguish them from the actual continental mass. The assignment here is to try and name all the countries. You can either do this in a program like MS paint …Read More »
  • Time Zone World Map

    Time Zone World Map

    Why Do We Need a Time Zone World Map The planet earth is broken up into regions we call time zones. They basically follow the cycle of the sun as the earth spins and different parts of the world face the sun. Humans need to sleep and we generally do …Read More »
  • Road Map of Europe

    Road Map of Europe

    Road Map of Europe So here we have a map of all the major highways in Europe. There are no highway names as the map would not probably fit onto the website. It is just here to give you an idea of what countries are connected by the main road …Read More »
  • Legal Status of Bitcoin in Europe (Map)

    Legal Status of Bitcoin in Europe (Map)

    How Many European Countries have Legalized Bitcoin? 45 European countries have legalized Bitcoin. 3 Countries are neutral on the legal status of Bitcoin. 6 Countries have provided no information on the legal status of Bitcoin. 1 country (Republic of Macedonia) has made bitcoin illegal. The table below shows what the …Read More »
  • Will the European Union (EU) Survive Brexit?

    Will the European Union (EU) Survive Brexit?

    What is Brexit? Brexit is the conjunction of two words Britain and Exit. It was coined by The Economist magazine back in 2012. It describes the anticipated split of Britain from the EU.  Brexit is such a commonly used term that it has been added to the Oxford Dictionary. Will …Read More »
  • What are the Transcontinental Countries of Europe and Asia?

    What are the Transcontinental Countries of Europe and Asia?

    What are the Transcontinental Countries of Europe and Asia? There are 4 countries that are considered transcontinental between Europe and Asia. These are The Russian Federation, The Republic of Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, ( Georgia ). We are taking the literal meaning of Transcontinental means a country’s landmass is contiguously located …Read More »
  • How Many Countries in Europe?

    How Many Countries in Europe?

    Countries of Europe The United Nations officially recognizes 44 countries in Europe. Below we have a table which shows a full list of the countries and the capital cities  of Europe in population order. There are a few countries that did not make the list that possibly could have. These …Read More »
  • Colorful Map Of Europe

    Colorful Map Of Europe

    Click on the image above to get a big colorful map of Europe. Here we have a simple but colorful map of Europe. It is blank enough that people will be able to download it and modify it. We are dedicating 2019 to adding as many different map of Europe …Read More »
  • Europe Undersea Cable Map

    Europe Undersea Cable Map

    Click on the map of European undersea cables above to enlarge Not much has changed in the world of undersea fibre optic cables in 2018. The map above is a snap shot from Submarinecablemap.com a great resource that keeps up to date on all the undersea cables that are being …Read More »
  • Russia Ukraine – Martial Law After Seizure

    Russia Ukraine – Martial Law After Seizure

    Above we have a map of Russia and the Ukraine showing the sight of the latest altercation. The Ukraine has declare martial Law after Russia seized 3 military vessels near the Kersch Straight. Under the terms of a 2003 agreement, the Azov sea and its access point through the Kerch …Read More »
  • Greenland


    Map of Greenland While Greenland is technically closer to Canada than it is to Europe. It is an autonomous constituent country within the kingdom of Denmark. With a low population of about fifty seven thousand people, it is one the least populated territories on earth. The capital is Nuuk and …Read More »
  • Map of Official Languages of Europe

    Map of Official Languages of Europe

    Map of the Languages of Europe You can click on the map above to get a visual relationship of the languages and the countries they are attached to. We recognise that the term “official language” can be somewhat debated. So what we have put together here is a map of …Read More »
  • Map of Europe Pre World War One

    Map of Europe Pre World War One

    Europe Map before World War 1 Here we have a map of Europe before the break out of WW1. As you can see there are some Countries that have remained relatively the same. Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands and Italy to name a few. What is different is …Read More »
  • Map of Wales

    Map of Wales

    Map of Wales We have finally added a political map of Wales. How can we be a site that claims to know things about the map of Europe and not have a map of Wales? Well finally we have rectified that situation. Wales is one of the countries that make …Read More »
  • Interactive Map of Europe

    Interactive Map of Europe

    Be sure to click on a European country above to get a large image of that country. Here at Europe map, we now have a Europe Map for 2019.Read More »
  • UK Map

    UK Map

    Hi friends, We have a new a updated for 2018 map of the United Kingdom (UK Map). Has much changed? No not really. The Orkney Islands are still in the same place and the Shetland Islands have not wandered off to the Americas. Internally the UK is basically the same …Read More »
  • World Cup 2018 Russia – Map of Cities with Venues.

    World Cup 2018 Russia – Map of Cities with Venues.

    List of World Cup 2018 Russia, Host Cities and Venues Here we have a map of the host cities in Russia for the World Cup 2018. Below we have a list of the cities and the stadium names with the capacity of the stadium listed. The only city that has …Read More »
  • Map Of Income Inequality Across Europe

    Map Of Income Inequality Across Europe

    We collated income inequality stats into a graph and a map of Europe. This highlights which countries have income inequality issues. Not all European countries have been included. Notables like Russia did not have the data available as of time of publishing. The formula that is used to derive the …Read More »
  • Top 40 European Economies By GDP 2018

    Top 40 European Economies By GDP 2018

    Top 40 European Economies 2018 Here we have a table of the top 40 European countries ranked by Gross Domestic Product. This doesn’t only include European Union Countries but all the countries that are considered part of the continent of Europe. Some interesting takeaways from this years European GDP figures …Read More »
  • Europe Map of National Dishes

    Europe Map of National Dishes

    Map of the National Dishes of European Countries Here we have a Europe map with all the national dishes of the different countries listed. While lots of the dishes are endemic to certain countries. However this is not the whole story. Gastronomically speaking Europe would be better split up into …Read More »
  • Map of Armenia

    Map of Armenia

    A map of Armenia Armenia is considered to be on the very edge of what we would call modern day Europe. Some experts would say it is part of Asia Minor but one thing we know is that it definitely is a country that spans the east/west divide. The capital …Read More »
  • Map of Roman Cities and Roads in Ancient Britain

    Map of Roman Cities and Roads in Ancient Britain

    Iron age Britain was dominated by one form of man made structure, that being the Roman road. Arguably the two Roman walls: the Antonine wall and Hadrian’s wall looked more impressive to the naked eye and the garrisons that became towns like Lindum and Veronis held large groups of humanity. …Read More »
  • German Election Map 2017

    German Election Map 2017

    German election map for the 2017 election Here we have the German electoral results by region for the 2017 German election. It is as of  September 24, 2017 and the results are by no means final. What we do know already is that Angela Merkel has won a fourth term but …Read More »
  • Eurail Map

    Eurail Map

    Eurail Map or also known as Euro Rail Map Here we have a huge Eurail Map of train lines that cross Europe. We have a list of the destinations and an indication of the path that the trains take. We have kept the map large so you can make out …Read More »
  • Map of Barcelona

    Map of Barcelona

    Here is a Map of BarcelonaRead More »
  • Map of Georgia

    Map of Georgia

    Map of Georgia Georgia is a small country of a about 4 million people as of 2017. Situated at the most eastern end of Europe, on the shores of the Black Sea. In Ancient times it was a key point on the famous Silk Road and possibly where Jason and …Read More »
  • Map of Rome

    Map of Rome

    A clear and precise map of the city of Rome.Read More »
  • Map of Munich

    Map of Munich

    A simple road map of Munich. When you travel Europe you to collect lots of help items, contacts and other paraphernalia. This is great this is what helps you remember your holidays and will also come in handy next time you go touring the great continent. One thing in particular that I …Read More »
  • Map of London Including The Tube Underground

    Map of London Including The Tube Underground

    The above map outlines the main boroughs of London and the major roads. Below is a map of the Tube which is Londons underground railway and bar far the easiest way to get around London’s busy streets.Read More »
  • Pokemon Go Regional Exclusives Map

    Pokemon Go Regional Exclusives Map

    Pokemon Go has swept the world by storm. We here at Map of Europe all play the game. In pokemon Go there are pokemon that can only be found in certain regions. These are called regional exclusives and here we have a map that will help Pokemon Go traveler work …Read More »
  • Same Sex Marriage Europe map

    Same Sex Marriage Europe map

    What ever your take is on same sex marriage, this map shows has an interesting insight into the views of different countries in Europe. The legend ranges from dark blue countries that are extremely tolerant of the lesbian and gay right to marriage. Through Light blue countries that are somewhat …Read More »
  • Map of Europe – Importance of Ancestry to the Country

    Map of Europe – Importance of Ancestry to the Country

    Here we have a map of Europe that shows the countries that most value local ancestry in the population all the way down to the countries that value it the least. the lowest appear to be Norway and Finland. The Baltic and Eastern Block countries seem to value it the …Read More »
  • Postcodes / Zip codes of Germany

    Postcodes / Zip codes of Germany

    Germany was probably the first country in the world to introduce postcodes although like the Americans they call them zip codes. Since 1993 Germany has had 5 digit postal codes. This came about as a result of the reunification of Germany, previous to that it had 4 digit postal codes. …Read More »
  • Russia Loves Donald Trump

    Russia Loves Donald Trump

    Most other G20 countries around the world favor Clinton over Trump but not Russia. looking at the image above you can see that Clinton has a lead over Trump in almost every other G20 country. unsurprisingly Clinton has the biggest lead in Mexico, the country that the Donald wants to …Read More »
  • Map of Brussels Maalbeek Metro Station to Airport

    Map of Brussels Maalbeek Metro Station to Airport

    By now you have probably heard of the tragedy that has unfolded in Brussels, Belgium. There has been a bombing at Maalbeek Metro Station and the Brussels airport. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack in retaliation for the capture of Mohamed Belkaid. He was one of the get away …Read More »
  • Map of How to Say Yes in the Countries of Europe

    Map of How to Say Yes in the Countries of Europe

    The image above shows how to say hello in all the countries of Europe using the most common languages in each country. However below we have put together a list of all the different dialects of European languages we could find. There are some discrepancies. There are a few Russian …Read More »
  • Europe Map – Geography, History, Travel Tips and Fun

    Europe Map – Geography, History, Travel Tips and Fun

    Click on the Europe Map above to get a larger more detailed view Map of Europe and information about the continent We have added a map that is probably our best and largest Europe Map. On Map of Europe we have termed our political map and although strictly it does …Read More »
  • Donald Tusk Tells Migrants to Stay Away From Europe

    Donald Tusk Tells Migrants to Stay Away From Europe

    The migrant crisis in Europe is heading towards disaster. With estimates of 16 million refugees fleeing the war in Syria and many hoping to make a new home in Europe, Donald Tusk has blatantly told economic migrants to stay away. Do not come to Europe, Do not believe the smugglers. …Read More »
  • Map of Trees Per Square Kilometer in Europe

    Map of Trees Per Square Kilometer in Europe

    This great little map shows just how wooded the countries of Europe are. One of the general trends we can see is that the northern countries of Europe tend to have more trees. Although there are a few exceptions one being Portugal and some of the Baltic countries like Slovenia …Read More »
  • Spanish Taxi Drivers Block Central Madrid Protesting Uber

    Spanish Taxi Drivers Block Central Madrid Protesting Uber

    Over a thousand taxi drivers have blockaded the center of Madrid on Thursday. Letting off flares, firecrackers, smoke bombs and blowing horns. They are protesting plans to allow companies like Uber and Cabify to compete in the market place. Currently Uber is not allowed to operate in Spain but the Spanish …Read More »
  • Map of Kosovo

    Map of Kosovo

    Here we have a map of one of the newest republics of Europe. The Republic of Kosovo seceded from Serbia in 2008 and has been a hotly disputed territory ever since. With a population of about 1.8 million citizens and a land size of about 10,908 km2, it is one of the …Read More »
  • Map of Refugee Routes into Europe

    Map of Refugee Routes into Europe

      We have provided a map of some of the refugee routes into Europe. Refugees fleeing conflicts in Syria, Libya and Iraq have had to mobilize and move out of their respective countries due to the escalation in violence. We at map of Europe will be developing a series of maps …Read More »
  • Map of Train ride from London to Singapore

    Map of Train ride from London to Singapore

    Can you really get all the way from London to Singapore by train? Not really. There are parts of the route that you will have to take a bus. The parts small and can be ignored and if you look at the map, it is parts of South East Asia …Read More »
  • Beer Map of Europe – how to say beer in all the countries of Europe

    Beer Map of Europe – how to say beer in all the countries of Europe

        When travelling through Europe there is one word that everyone should know. That word is beer. Beer originated in Europe and is part of the culture of most of the countries on the continent. Every region will usually have it’s own distinct type of beer. From the dark, …Read More »
  • Russian Ruble falls to lowest rate for 2014 against the US Dollar

    Russian Ruble falls to lowest rate for 2014 against the US Dollar

    With the Annexation of The Crimea and with Russia taking an active role in the war in the Ukraine, world opinion of Putin’s Russia has rarely been lower. This was highlighted when the West came together in March to enforce sanctions on Russia. Since then there have been another two …Read More »
  • How do the Irish see the Map of Europe?

    How do the Irish see the Map of Europe?

    Ok this Map of Europe is just a bit of fun. One of our employees is an extremely proud Irishman and was talking about the St Patrick’s Day. it was mentioned that the whole world seemed to celebrate St Patrick’s day (a bit like the German Oktoberfest). Then he decided …Read More »
  • Europe : Google Earth and Google Maps

    Europe : Google Earth and Google Maps

                        Here at MapOfEurope.com we are big fans of Google Earth and Google Maps. While we like the static nature of our maps, especially for quick reference. We recognize that the interactive nature of both Google Earth and Google Maps can …Read More »
  • Europe to sanction Sanction Rosneft, Gazprom Neft And Transneft.

    Europe to sanction Sanction Rosneft, Gazprom Neft And Transneft.

    Followers of the Ukraine versus Russia war in Eastern Europe would be aware of the increase in rhetoric among NATO and other European nations, regarding the need for further sanctions against Russia. Europe watches will know that threats never extend to Russia’s big energy producing companies, Rosneft, Gazprom Neft And Transneft.  It …Read More »
  • Ukraine War Map

    Ukraine War Map

    Map of the Ukraine War Above is a map of the contested regions within Ukraine as of August 2014. This is the second in a series of maps about the war in the Ukraine. The first being about the downing of flight MH13 and where it happened. While we hope …Read More »
  • Political Map of the Ukraine War and MH17 Crash Site

    Political Map of the Ukraine War and MH17 Crash Site

    We have been inundated with requests to show how the Ukraine is split when it comes to Russian speakers and Ukrainian speakers. So we have put together a political map of  the Ukraine showing the make up of Russian speaking population in the Eastern end of the country. We have …Read More »
  • European Gas Pipeline Map and the Ukraine

    European Gas Pipeline Map and the Ukraine

      There has been a spotlight shone on the Ukraine this week with the downing of flight MH17 by Ukrainian separatist rebels. However that war has been raging for quite a while now and the European Union has been very reluctant to get involved. Why? One theory is the reliance …Read More »
  • An amazing map of Europe showing aircraft getting out of Ukraine airspace

    An amazing map of Europe showing aircraft getting out of Ukraine airspace

    After the reported shooting down of Malaysian airliner (Flight MH17), it seems all air traffic was directed to leave or avoid Ukraine airspace. Above is an amazing image tweeted by NewsWeek. Sadly it would appear that all 295 people on board died as a result of this horrific  incident. Initial …Read More »
  • Map of the Baltic Region

    Map of the Baltic Region

    The Baltic Region is Centered on the Baltic Sea The Baltic Sea straddles the whole northern part of Europe. This narrow sea was where the early Vikings learned the fine art of sailing, amongst other things. In some places it is referred to as the Viking sea. The countries that …Read More »
  • Is Belarus Russia’s next target?

    Is Belarus Russia’s next target?

    Will Russia invade Belarus next? Now that Russia has effectively annexed The Crimea away from the Ukraine, we can start thinking about what country will be next. Vladimir Putin has stated on a number of occasions that he will take care of Russians no matter where they are found. Belarus …Read More »
  • Map of European Undersea High Speed Cables

    Map of European Undersea High Speed Cables

    If you are a map buff like we are at Map of Europe dot com, then you should geta buzz out of Telegeography.com‘s latest research. They have put together some great maps of all of the planet’s high speed underwater telephony and data cables. We are showing you Europe’s here …Read More »
  • Ukraine, Crimea and Russia how close are they?

    Ukraine, Crimea and Russia how close are they?

    With the possible conflict between Russia and The Ukraine over the Crimean peninsula. Map of Europe has decided to put up a large map of the region. so that you can get some sense of how close these nations are to each other. If you feel there are some other …Read More »
  • Topographical Map Of Europe

    Topographical Map Of Europe

    A simple topographical Europe Map Here we present a simple topographical map of Europe. The darker reds and browns are the higher and mountainous regions. The lighter brown and pink regions are the hilly regions and foothills of the mountains. The light green regions are the plains areas and the …Read More »
  • Brussels


    It is only fair that you take some time off after a busy season at work to re-energize and relax. This could be in the form of a much needed vacation where you get to spend your holidays away from home. This is could be at a tourist destination within …Read More »
  • Rail Map Europe

    Rail Map Europe

    Rail Europe tickets are a great alternative to flying. Imagine taking in the breath taking views of the European Alps, the Med, the Adriatic, the Greek Isles and much more. Travelling by train in today’s day age will allow you to have a proper holiday. It will allow you relax …Read More »
  • Map of Central Europe

    Map of Central Europe

    There is no common standard of what actually constitutes Central Europe, in fact many of the countries that are defined under this title also form part of Eastern & Western Europe. For the purposes of this article I am going to define the following countries as forming Central Europe, which …Read More »
  • Venice is unforgettable

    Venice is unforgettable

    Venice is truly a beautiful and romantic city. Anyone who intends to visit this Italian city will enjoy the city’s beauty of nature especially the natural water canals. People are not only attracted to this ancient city because it was built on a lagoon but also because of its famous …Read More »
  • Memorable holiday by visiting Munich

    Memorable holiday by visiting Munich

    If one wants to make their holidays as memorable as they possibly can be, then it might be a good idea to consider the city of Munich in Germany as one of their destination.  This city boasts of being the third largest city in Germany with the average population of …Read More »
  • Amsterdam


    Amsterdam the northern European Cosmopolitan metropolis Amsterdam is known not just the capital of Netherlands but also the largest city. This city is endowed with about a hundred kilometres of canals, one thousand five hundred bridges and ninety islands that earned it the name Venice of the North. Amsterdam which …Read More »
  • Paris


    Paris – the romantic jewel of Europe A visit to France will be incomplete without alluring the captivating beauty of Paris, also regarded as the city of light. This city offers an amazing experience of the French culture as well as the rich history of France. Paris which is known …Read More »
  • Vienna


    There are a number of tourist destinations around the world some of which can only be explored by people who have a made it a habit to tour different countries for holidays. One of the amazing tourist destinations is Vienna, the capital city of Austria. This is mainly because of …Read More »
  • Helsinki


    Helsinki is Finland’s largest and capital city with a population of at least 500,000 people. It is considered Finland’s cultural center. The Helsinki-Vantaa Airport connects a number of destinations in Asia and Europe and this makes it an ideal place for holidays for people residing in these continents. However, this …Read More »
  • Lisbon


    If it has never crossed your mind to explore Lisbon, Portugal’s largest and capital city, it is high time you scheduled a tour of Lisbon in your diary. It is estimated that this city has a population of 3 million and has been rated as the 9th most populous urban …Read More »
  • Split


    Split – Croatia’s southern Capital Many people have tried their level best explain why Croatia’s second largest city is called Split. This city is located on the eastern shores of the Adriatic Sea. It has gained prominence and popularity due to its strategic location. It is a popular tourist destination links that …Read More »
  • Ankara


    Ankara – a Treasure Trove of Ancient Architecture A bit more humble in population and geographical stature than the luxurious city of Istanbul, Ankara is Turkey’s capital and second largest city. The city of Ankara is advantageously positioned in the centre of Turkey’s notable transportation grid and functions as marketing …Read More »
  • SouthWest Airlines

    SouthWest Airlines

    Southwest Airlines a cheap and affordable carrier Southwest Airlines is the largest airline in the United States based on the amount of passengers that it carries per year. This budget airline has been going strong since 1967, at present it offers over 3,300 flights a day to over 97 different …Read More »
  • Sun Country Airlines

    Sun Country Airlines

    Sun Country Airlines is the trading name of MN Airlines. They are based in Minneapolis. They offer budget flights within the United States as well as destinations further afield such as the United Kingdom. Their main hub is at Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport and have three focus cities; Dallas International …Read More »
  • Travel Reykjavik

    Travel Reykjavik

    Reykjavik is the capital city of Iceland. For this very reason many people travel to this place every year from all over the world. The city is vast but many of the tourist opportunities can be found in one central location. You will be amazed at the beauty of the …Read More »
  • Oslo Northern Culture

    Oslo Northern Culture

    Oslo Many people seem to overlook the Scandinavian countries for a holiday, however this area is absolutely packed full of fantastic things to do, in fact these countries are some of the most beautiful in the world. If you have yet to visit the Capital City of Norway then I …Read More »
  • A Trip to Copenhagen

    A Trip to Copenhagen

    Research conducted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development has discovered that Denmark contains some of the happiest people on earth. Why, you ask? Plan a trip to the largest city in Denmark and find out! Copenhagen, which is also the capital of Denmark, has been described by tourists …Read More »
  • Vatican City

    Vatican City

    Travelling to Vatican City The country of Italy has been one of the most popular tourist and sightseeing destinations for hundreds of years. The country is home to vast collections of art, a large number of historical museums and sites, and a wide variety of beautiful geographical landmarks. There’s hardly …Read More »
  • Travelling to Zagreb, Croatia

    Travelling to Zagreb, Croatia

    In 1094, two Hungarian villages emerged in the area that today comprises Zagreb. After surviving destruction by Mongol invaders 150 years later, and an ongoing rivalry between the two settlements, the two villages finally united as one in the face of invasion by the Turks. By the 16th century, the …Read More »
  • Touring Kiev, Ukraine

    Touring Kiev, Ukraine

    When you are planning your next travel destination, why not consider going to Kiev, Ukraine? With beautiful architecture and a rich and historical culture, Kiev may just be your new favourite vacation of all time. Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine and has a long and varied eastern European …Read More »
  • Berne, Switzerland

    Berne, Switzerland

    Travelling to Berne, Switzerland What a rare treat to be able to experience the beauty that is Berne, Switzerland. Get your map of Berne out and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Considered one of the best cities in terms of quality of life, Berne is number 4 …Read More »
  • The Way of St. James

    The Way of St. James

    Emerging in medieval times, the Way of St. James (El Camino de Santiago) is an excursion of nearly 800 kilometres across Northern Spain in order to arrive at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, where many believe the remains of Saint James lie. There are many locations to begin the …Read More »
  • Tour Berlin

    Tour Berlin

    Enjoy the travel experience in Berlin If one is looking for the best travel Europe experience then they should definitely consider going to the German city of Berlin. This city is one of the sixteen cities that make up the great republic that is Germany. Germany has had both a …Read More »
  • Explore the great sites of London

    Explore the great sites of London

    Britain is a great country that has some of the hottest tourist attraction cities like London that are flocked by tourist each and every year. Many critics and tourist site reviewers will agree that London is one of the major destination places when it comes to tourism. People go to …Read More »
  • Tour the Ancient sites in Rome

    Tour the Ancient sites in Rome

    When one mentions the great city of Rome then what comes to mind is the rich history that the city has to offer. The number of people from outside of Italy who go to this city for their holidays is huge and this is because of the various tourist attraction …Read More »
  • Athens – The Ancient Wonder

    Athens – The Ancient Wonder

    Wonderful Ancient Athens The city of Athens is the Capital of Greece that boasts of numerous things that attract visitors including some of the world’s best tourist attractions. Visitors who tour Athens are come to experience the monuments that Athens offers as well as explore the tourism industry. As such …Read More »
  • Madrid


    Madrid boasts of a good reputation as a frontrunner in finance, administration, politics as well as services that make it a cosmopolitan city. This capital of Spain is rich in architectural and historical marvels that are of artistic culture and important heritage. Madrid lies about 646 meters above sea level …Read More »
  • Moscow a diamond in the rough

    Moscow a diamond in the rough

    Moscow is known for its exotic beauty as well as number of attractions that are characteristic to Russia. As the capital of Russia, Moscow remains to be a hotspot for many tourists due to the presence of cultural sites, historical monuments, ports and museums that tourists come to explore while …Read More »
  • Dublin


    Who coined the name Dublin in reference to the capital of Ireland? There numerous explanations that have been offered but none has been able to reveal the person that chose to call this city Dublin, as it is known today. Some people claim that the name Dublin was a derivative …Read More »
  • Stockholm


    Stockholm – winter style Stockholm is Sweden’s largest and capital city. It is also considered to be one of Sweden’s most important cultural, economic, media and political centers and its strategic location makes it open to visitors from all over the world. In case you are looking for a city …Read More »
  • Virgin America

    Virgin America

    Virgin America review Virgin America is one of the many companies that are underneath Richard Branson’s Virgin Brand. It is not the same airline as Virgin Atlantic, although you can expect the same level of service as this. The law states that no more than 25% of an American Airline …Read More »
  • Spirit Airlines

    Spirit Airlines

    Spirit Airlines North and South America Spirit Airlines are one of the cheapest airlines within the United States of America. The company currently bases its operations in Dallas, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas and Chicago, which means it services some of the most popular destinations in the United States at …Read More »
  • Ljubljana Slovenia’s Capital

    Ljubljana Slovenia’s Capital

    The beauty of Ljubljana in Slovenia is that it can be enjoyed at a fairly relaxed place. There are no large attractions trying to pull you in. Due to this many tourists seem to give this beautiful city a sip. Of course, you are smart and you know that Ljubljana …Read More »
  • Glitz and glamour of Cannes

    Glitz and glamour of Cannes

    Cannes, a city located in France is perhaps most well known as the venue for the popular Cannes Film Festival. What once started as a small fishing village has quickly expanded to become one of the most important destinations for movie buffs in the world. During the month of May …Read More »
  • Tourism in Minsk

    Tourism in Minsk

    Minsk For the traveller on a budget Containing admirable squares, enchanting gardens, spacious promenades and Soviet-era architecture, the capital of Belarus is one of the more traditional members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). In fact, those who experienced the former Soviet Union often say its norms strikingly bare …Read More »
  • Dubrovnik Croatia

    Dubrovnik Croatia

    Things to do in Dubrovnik Croatia Walk Dubrovnik’s fortified walls. Daytrip to Lokrum Island. Find the amazing bar Buža. Visit the Cathedral of the Assumption. Take the cablecar to Srđ. Visit a medieval pharmacy. Watch the mayhem of the Midday pigeon feeding. Visit St Blaise’s Church. Try to be there …Read More »
  • How Greece views the rest of Europe 2012

    How Greece views the rest of Europe 2012

    We have all seen the funny maps about how countries view the rest of the world. Well one of our editors here at mapofeurope.com is an avid follower of European politics and is also a keen dabbler in the stock market and bond market. All the turmoil that Europe has …Read More »
  • Bucharest Romania

    Bucharest Romania

    Travelling to Bucharest, Romania A popular legend in Romania has it that in olden days, a shepherd named Bucur (whose name translates to “Joy”) lived on the banks of the Dambovita River. He loved to play the flute for people and all loved the wine he produced. The surrounding area …Read More »
  • Make Budapest, Hungary Your Next Exotic Escape

    Make Budapest, Hungary Your Next Exotic Escape

    Are you ready for the delightfully interesting and culturally rich destination of Budapest Hungary? With nearly 2 million people calling this dynamic city home, it is situated right in central Hungary. Any good map of Budapest will clearly show that the famous Danube River divides the city, between Pest on …Read More »
  • Travelling to Valletta, Malta

    Travelling to Valletta, Malta

    Remarkably rich with history and rugged physical beauty, the small island of Malta is truly considered one of the Mediterranean’s gems. With a past dating back to the Neolithic age and a location at the crossroads of the world, Malta, despite its size – has factored importantly into the tale …Read More »
  • Edinburgh Scotland the festival icon

    Edinburgh Scotland the festival icon

    Scotland is widely considered to be a land of great history and culture- a land of gentle, rolling hills and ancient, imposing castles. The country is also an oft-visited tourist destination, with up to 5% of the nation’s GDP coming from the tourist industry. This popularity indicates that Scotland is …Read More »
  • Traveling to Belgrade, Serbia

    Traveling to Belgrade, Serbia

    Not one to deny its tumultuous past, the Serbian capital of Belgrade is putting its troubled decades behind it and emerging as one of the most up-and-coming cities in Europe. Situated at the joining of the Danube and Sava rivers, Belgrade has a history dating back nearly two and a …Read More »
  • What are the 10 oldest continuously inhabited cities in Europe?

    What are the 10 oldest continuously inhabited cities in Europe?

    Here at MapofEurope.com love educating our users and one of our favorite topics is history. In this Brand new education category we will endeavor to make learning as fun as possible. Without further adieu here is a inaugural educational article. The Ten Oldest continuously inhabited cities in Europe are :   1) Athens: map of ancients monuments …Read More »
  • Santorini, Greece the Aegean wonder

    Santorini, Greece the Aegean wonder

    Located in the South Aegean Sea, the island of Santorini, Greece, is the result of a gigantic volcanic eruption that left a giant caldera at its edge when the land collapsed. This huge lagoon, surrounded on three sides by thousand foot high cliffs, is over thirteen hundred feet deep. Atop …Read More »
  • Is it Time To Experience the Swiss Alps?

    Is it Time To Experience the Swiss Alps?

    The Swiss Alps Ah, the Swiss Alps, who could resist? If you are headed to Switzerland on holiday, this is one place not to be missed. Comprised primarily of the Alps range of mountains, it is a stunningly dramatic landscape of rugged and jagged rock formations. Bring your camera because …Read More »
  • Travelling to the Black Forest

    Travelling to the Black Forest

    The next time you visit Germany, one sight you won’t want to miss is the intriguingly unique black forest. Situated in south-western reaches of Germany, this is an area that gets its name from the thick heavy undergrowth of foliage that routinely blocks out the sun. This ecologically rich mountainous …Read More »
  • French Riviera holiday with with Style!

    French Riviera holiday with with Style!

    This sprawl of pebble beaches and billion-dollar houses has always captivated sun lovers and socialites. Today’s admirers know not to miss the Côte d’Azur’s textbook points of interest: animated St-Tropez; the Belle Époque aura of Cannes; the towns made famous by Picasso-Antibes, Vallauris, Mougins; the urban charms of Nice; and …Read More »
  • The Lake District England

    The Lake District England

    One of the great treasures of England is tucked away in the North-West of the country – the picturesque mountains, lush valleys, rocky peaks, moorlands and lakes, known collectively as the Lake District. Located entirely within the modern English county of Cumbria, and easily accessible by trunk roads, rail and …Read More »
  • Why Sicily is an Italian Paradise Worth Exploring

    Why Sicily is an Italian Paradise Worth Exploring

    The splendid sights and sounds of Sicily are perhaps unlike anywhere else in the world. Situated off the lower tip of Italy, Sicily is a world unto itself. With mild Mediterranean weather and a pleasant year round climate this is one part of Italy worth visiting. Sicily is rather hilly …Read More »
  • Andalusia: A Travel Destination To The Heart Of Spain’s History and Culture

    Andalusia: A Travel Destination To The Heart Of Spain’s History and Culture

    Andalusia is one of the most prosperous of Spain’s seventeen autonomous communities. It’s also what most people think of when they think about the romance and mystique of Southern Spain. Apart from the fabulous fairs (ferias and fiestas) which take place beginning in April and extend into the fall, there …Read More »
  • Traveling to Sofia Bulgaria

    Traveling to Sofia Bulgaria

    As the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia is a city with a population of well over one million residents. Situated in the western reaches of Bulgaria, Sofia is a city well worth the travel time to get there – you will marvel at its beauty. The city sits comfortably at the …Read More »
  • Map of the United Kingdom

    Map of the United Kingdom

    This is without any doubt the most popular country in Europe. It also enjoys a remarkable popularity around the world. Its capital city is London and the official language here and in the entire kingdom is the famous English language. The United Kingdom has a remarkable population of over 60,100,000 …Read More »
  • Map of Ukraine

    Map of Ukraine

    The country of Ukraine is located in the Eastern side of Europe. It offers some of the most affordable accommodations in Europe. If you are heading to visit this country, it is best to begin your travel in the city of Kiev. Start your holiday in the largest city in …Read More »
  • Map of Turkey

    Map of Turkey

    Travelling across many countries in the world is a very enjoyable and interesting thing to do. Not all people have the chance to travel because of expensive airline tickets and considering the thousands of dollars you will be spending from hotel accommodation, car rental to food trips and shopping. For …Read More »
  • Map of Switzerland

    Map of Switzerland

    Switzerland is a true winter wonderland, just check a map of Switzerland if a skiing holiday is what you are after then there are few places in the world that offer better ski packages than Switzerland. However summer holidays in Switzerland can be Just as fulfilling. The mild climate of the …Read More »
  • Map of Sweden

    Map of Sweden

    Sweden is definitely one of the most common countries in the map of Europe. It has a population of over 9.3 million people. Its capital city is Stockholm. Swedish is the official national language of Sweden with only a few people within the country speaking English as their second language. …Read More »
  • Map of Scotland

    Map of Scotland

    Scotland is like a magazine with amazing articles. You never get tired of it and only wish the end will never come. Scotland is no doubt one of the most common countries in the wide continent of Europe. Its capital city is called Edinburgh and is popular to many people …Read More »
  • Map of San Marino

    Map of San Marino

    San Marino is one of the smallest countries you will ever visit. It has a population of over 25,000 people. Its capital city goes by the same name as the country, San Marino. It has a population of about 5000 people. The country has the oldest republic in the whole …Read More »
  • Map of Russia

    Map of Russia

    With an area that is almost twice that of the United States of America, Russia is definitely a country any tourist ought to consider as his or her dream destination for any vacation. Its capital city Moscow is one of the most industrialized cities in Europe and has residents not …Read More »
  • Map of Portugal

    Map of Portugal

    Portugal is sometimes considered Spain’s little brother. Although if you asked the Portuguese, they would hotly dispute this! However having said that, the Portuguese people have the same easy going manner as the Spanish and are friendly and generally happy to help out the lost tourist. Portugal is truly a great country to …Read More »
  • Map of Romania

    Map of Romania

    How would you like to visit the famous Black Sea? In Romania, you will be able to visit this wonderful body of water which no other tourist spots could parallel with. The country is well known to be the place of origin of the famous Count Dracula. Moreover, the country …Read More »
  • Map of Norway

    Map of Norway

    Being known for its beautiful mountains, fjords, and midnight sun, Norway is considered to be one of the prime tourist destinations nowadays. In fact, the Nærøyfjord and Geirangerfjord are just some of the well known fjords in Norway which has been featured in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Upon travelling, you …Read More »
  • Map of Netherlands

    Map of Netherlands

    The Netherlands (Holland) has mild maritime climate, so even in winter you do not get the low harsh temperatures like you do further in land. This allows for quite a strong tourist industry. Amsterdam is definitely the center of the holiday trade in the Netherlands. History and charm are available by the …Read More »
  • Map of Moldova

    Map of Moldova

    Moldova: The Forgotten Travel Destination Rich in fertile soil and history which produces plenty of vineyards, Moldova is one of Europe’s forgotten travel destinations. In this country is found vast monasteries, trek through its ancient forests and taste its local wines. Geography and Map of Moldova Moldova is located at …Read More »
  • Map of Malta

    Map of Malta

    Malta is a country of Europe made of three small islands. It has a population of over 300,000 people and the capital city is Valletta. The three main islands that make up Malta are Malta, Gozo and Comino. Each one of these islands is small but magnificent in its own way. …Read More »
  • Map of Macedonia

    Map of Macedonia

    Macedonia, where the sun shines forever according to the song is exactly the description of this country where the sun always shines in the Balkans’ scenic heart. Travel Macedonia and experience the hospitality of its people who loves music, dances and have fun. They simply know how to make their guests feel …Read More »
  • Map of Luxembourg

    Map of Luxembourg

    Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in the entire continent of Europe. It has a population of the slightly above 500,000 people. There are two main languages spoken in Luxembourg which are French and German. English is spoken by only a handful of the locals who study it as …Read More »
  • Map of Lithuania

    Map of Lithuania

    Lithuania is known to be a country with colorful history. Located at the eastern part of Europe, the country has successfully shoved between the Russian pillar and Nazi post; stunning the world, having won its independence from Soviet Union. Geography The map of Lithuania shows that it is located on …Read More »
  • Map of Liechtenstein

    Map of Liechtenstein

    Liechtenstein is called the jewel at the pulse of Europe. The country is like a page turner novel, very interesting and exciting; you cannot put it down. It is squeezed between Switzerland and Austria which offers skiing, wine tasting, bird reserves and a lot more. The map of Liechtenstein has …Read More »
  • Map of Latvia

    Map of Latvia

    Completely different from its past soviet image, the modern day Latvia is refreshingly breathtaking and a must visit to any serious traveller. It is a European country whose capital is Riga. Latvia is a former member of the USSR but unless told you will hardly notice that fact. It has …Read More »
  • Map of Ireland

    Map of Ireland

    Ireland is no doubt one of Europe’s most famous countries. It is like an art book with magnificent photos and snaps. You never get tired of feeding your eyes with the beautiful places throughout the cities and towns in Ireland. The capital city of Ireland is Dublin where diverse people …Read More »
  • Iceland


    Iceland is a country in Europe widely known for its beautiful glaciers and unmatched anywhere else in the world. It has an estimated population of over 300,000 people as of 2009. The language spoken in Iceland is Icelandic with a few other dialects in the small towns. Its capital city …Read More »
  • Map of Greece

    Map of Greece

    Greece is considered the tourism capital of Europe. Situated on the Confluence of the Aegean, Mediterranean and Ionian seas, Greece has a history and culture that is steeped in its maritime past. As a result all of Europe and much of the rest of the world holidays in Greece. However …Read More »
  • Map of Finland

    Map of Finland

    Finland. It is the home of Nokia, Santa Claus, and the only country in the world that broadcasts its news in Latin!… And it is better seeing the place than just reading about it! When you travel Finland, its wonderfully eclectic culture and biodiversity can fascinate even the most fastidious …Read More »
  • Map of Estonia

    Map of Estonia

    Estonia is one of those little known about European countries. Although tourism is not as strong in this nation as other more established European countries, it still has a healthy little holiday market. Estonia has sandy beaches, wooded countryside and well preserved old towns. On top of this is is great …Read More »
  • Map of England

    Map of England

      When planning a vacation to England, research is vital and good idea is to have a reliable and accurate travel map of England, the are not only useful but truly invaluable . England has a long established tourism industry, mainly based on it’s long a rich heritage. You will …Read More »
  • Map of Denmark

    Map of Denmark

    Denmark is a land of rich history, fascinating monarchy and magnificent terrain. When you travel Denmark, one cannot help but be enthralled with the menagerie of places and hot spots to go to! Going around the area with a map of Denmark in hand is a great method for selecting …Read More »
  • Map of Czech Republic

    Map of Czech Republic

    Charming rolling hills, a fascinating blend of contemporary and wonderful architecture, exciting nightlife, castles and a culture as unique as its name, Czech Republic has it all! Czech Republic is nestled in the heart of central Europe and is banked on all sides by other countries, and for those who …Read More »
  • Map of Cyprus

    Map of Cyprus

    The possibility for a lengthy break calls for the time to leave the usual family home. This is the time to visit new places where low prices and warm local hospitality are anticipated. In fact one’s holiday or vacation is the time to wind down, have time with one’s self …Read More »
  • Map of Bulgaria

    Map of Bulgaria

    In the recent past, Bulgaria has enjoyed an increase in popularity and has become a major travel destination of many tourists from around the world. One of the Bulgaria.s major tourist attractions is the Black sea and its charming coastline which many do not know about. Sofia, the capital city …Read More »
  • Map of Italy

    Map of Italy

    When travelling to Italy make sure you do your research. Find a good map of Italy! With this map in front of you it is always easier to plan that vacation. There are the obvious holiday destinations to visit, like Rome, Pompeii, Lake Como, Venice and Tuscany . However some …Read More »
  • Map of France

    Map of France

    France has one of the strongest tourism industries in Europe. Travelling around France has become one of those must do travel experiences. The south of France although expensive, has some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe. Cheap tickets are available on rail and with most airlines these days, so …Read More »
  • Map of Germany

    Map of Germany

    Tips to consider before flying to Germany In summer there are the amazing forests and foothills and mountains of the Alps, Great resorts on the Baltic Sea and wonderful villages to explore. In the cities there is shopping equal to that found in Milan, cafe’s equal to those found in …Read More »
  • Map of Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Map of Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Tips to consider before flying to Bosnia and Herzegovina: Bosnia and Herzegovina is a small European country on the south eastern part of Europe. It is about 51,209 sq. km in size and has an estimated population of over 4,613,414 as of July 2009. Upon looking at the map of …Read More »
  • Map of Belgium

    Map of Belgium

    Having three different national languages might make you think that travelling around Belgium would be difficult. Nothing could be further from the truth, in fact not knowing any of the languages will not hamper you. Most of the population has a good understanding of English. Beer is another thing Belgium …Read More »
  • Map of Belarus

    Map of Belarus

    Buses and trains are the most common means of transport in Belarus. Bus tickets are cheaper compared to train tickets but it is hard getting a bus ticket. There are car rental services available inside and outside Minsk at affordable rates. Other car rental services are available from the Minsk …Read More »
  • Map of Andorra

    Map of Andorra

    There are no words that can describe Andorra. It is simply nature.s best friend and Europe fully agrees with this fact. It is a small country in Europe located among the Pyrenees Mountains. A brief look into the map of Andorra may make you think the small country has nothing to …Read More »
  • Map of Austria

    Map of Austria

    Austria is a small land locked country in Europe. It is a small mountainous German speaking nation and is a member of the European Union. The capital of Austria is Vienna, which is located on the Eastern part of Europe. The city lies near the borders of Slovenia, Hungary and …Read More »