The Best European Cities for Foodies

Europe is known for its diverse and flavorful cuisine, and foodies from around the world flock to the continent to sample its delicious dishes. Whether you’re a fan of Italian pasta, French pastries, or Spanish tapas, Europe has something to offer every type of food lover. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the best European cities for foodies and the must-try dishes in each destination.

  1. Paris, France

Paris is often regarded as the culinary capital of the world, and for good reason. The city is home to countless Michelin-starred restaurants, charming bistros, and cozy cafes, each serving up their own unique flavors. Must-try dishes in Paris include escargots de Bourgogne (snails in garlic butter), coq au vin (chicken cooked in red wine), and of course, freshly baked croissants and baguettes.

  1. Bologna, Italy

Bologna is a food lover’s paradise, known for its rich pasta dishes, cured meats, and flavorful cheeses. The city is home to some of Italy’s most beloved foods, including ragù alla bolognese (a meat-based sauce served with tagliatelle pasta), mortadella (a type of cured sausage), and parmigiano reggiano cheese. Be sure to also sample some of Bologna’s famous gelato, made with locally sourced ingredients.

  1. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a vibrant and colorful city, with a food scene to match. The city is famous for its tapas, small dishes that are perfect for sharing and trying a variety of flavors. Must-try dishes in Barcelona include patatas bravas (potatoes with spicy sauce), tortilla española (a potato omelet), and paella (a rice dish with seafood or meat). Be sure to also sample some of the city’s refreshing sangria, made with red wine, fruit, and spices.

  1. Brussels, Belgium

Belgium may be small, but it’s a big player in the food world, thanks to its delicious chocolate, waffles, and beer. Brussels, in particular, is known for its traditional dishes, including moules frites (mussels and fries), carbonnade flamande (a beef stew made with beer), and of course, Belgian chocolate. Be sure to also try some of Brussels’ famous waffles, which come in both sweet and savory varieties.

  1. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon may not be as famous as some of Europe’s other foodie destinations, but it’s quickly gaining a reputation as a must-visit culinary hotspot. The city is known for its fresh seafood, particularly bacalhau (salted cod), which is a staple in Portuguese cuisine. Other must-try dishes in Lisbon include pastéis de nata (custard tarts), cozido (a hearty stew made with meat and vegetables), and arroz de marisco (seafood rice).

These are just a few of the many European cities that offer delicious cuisine and memorable culinary experiences. Whether you’re a fan of classic French dishes, hearty Italian pasta, or spicy Spanish tapas, there’s a European destination that will satisfy your cravings. So grab your fork and knife and get ready to taste your way through some of the best foodie cities in the world!

Europe Map of National Dishes

Map of the National Dishes of European Countries

Here we have a Europe map with all the national dishes of the different countries listed. While lots of the dishes are endemic to certain countries. However this is not the whole story. Gastronomically speaking Europe would be better split up into food regions rather than countries. A good example would be the former Yugoslavia. It is now made up of many smaller countries like Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Slovenia and Kosovo. This region has many dishes that almost all these countries would consider their own. These foods would be Burek, Cevapi (Cevapcici) , pita, pljeskavica and a whole lot seafood dishes. We have attributed these dishes to the countries that seemed to be the most vocal about a dish being theirs. We may not have got this right every time but we have tried to be as accurate as possible.

Above we have a map of the Dishes of Europe and below we have listed them in a table with the country listed beside it. We recommend as a fun trip trying to eat each national dish in the native country. Although you might need a few trips 😉

Country National Dish
Albania Kacamak
Austria Schnitzel
Belarus Draniki
Belgium Waffles
Bosnia and Herzegovina Burek
Bulgaria Banitsa
Croatia Cevapi
Czech Republic Svickova
Denmark Smorrebrod
Estonia Verivorst
Finland Mustikkapiirakka
France Foie Gras
Germany Wurst
Greece Moussaka
Hungary Goulash
Iceland Skyr
Ireland Irish Stew
Italy Pasta
Latvia Sklandrausis
Lithuania Cepelinai
Macedonia Tavche Gravche
Moldova Mamaliga
Montenegro Kacamak
Netherlands Herring
Norway Salmon
Poland Pierogi
Portugal Bacalhan
Romania Ciorba
Russia Pelmeni
Scotland Haggis
Serbia Burek
Slovakia Hulusky
Slovenia Gibenica
Spain Paella
Sweden Kottbullar
Switzerland Fondue
Ukraine Borshch
United Kingdom Fish & Chips