Map of How to Say Yes in the Countries of Europe

map of how to say yes in Europe

The image above shows how to say hello in all the countries of Europe using the most common languages in each country. However below we have put together a list of all the different dialects of European languages we could find. There are some discrepancies. There are a few Russian dialects that are actually outisde of Europe. An example is Tartar. While technically an Asian dialect we have come from a position that if a country (ie Russia) is in at least partly in Europe, then we list all of it’s internal dialects and languages.

·         Albanian (Albania, Yugoslavia)·         Po
·         Alsacian (Alsace France)·         Ja
·         Altai (Russia)·         Eye
·         Anglo-Saxon (England)·         Gese
·         Anglo-Saxon (England)·         Gise
·         Arberesh (Hora e Arbereshevet Italy)·         O
·         Arberesh (Sicily Italy)·         Arra
·         Armenian [Eastern] (Armenia)·         Ha
·         Aromunian (Greece, Balkans)·         E
·         Asturian (Spain)·         Si
·         Bashkir (Russia)·         Eye
·         Basque (France, Spain)·         Bai
·         Belorussian (Belarus)·         Tak
·         Bosnian (Bosnia and Hercegovina)·         Da
·         Bosnian (Bosnia and Hercegovina)·         Aha
·         Breton (Brittany France)·         Ya
·         Breton (Brittany France)·         Eo
·         Brigidian (western Ireland)·         Quai
·         Bulgarian (Bulgaria)·         Da
·         Catalan (France, Spain, Andorra)·         Sí
·         Chukchee (Russia)·         I
·         Chuvash (Russia)·         Chapla
·         Cornish [Kemmyn] (Great Britain)·         Usi
·         Cornish [modern] (Great Britain)·         Eah
·         Cornish [unified] (Great Britain)·         Usy
·         Cornish (Great Britain)·         Ya
·         Corsican (Corsica)·         Si
·         Corsican (Corsica)·         Iè
·         Croatian (Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina)·         Da
·         Czech (Czech Republic)·         Ano
·         Czech (Czech Republic) [informal]·         Jo
·         Danish (Denmark, Greenland)·         Ja
·         Danish (Denmark) [to negative questions]·         Jo
·         Dutch (Netherlands, America, Asia)·         Ja
·         English [old English] (old Britain)·         Giese
·         English [old English] (old Britain)·         Gea
·         English [old English] (old Britain)·         Yea
·         Erzya (Russia)·         Nama
·         Estonian (Estonia)·         Jaa
·         Estonian (Estonia)·         Jah
·         Estonian (Eastern Kodavere Estonia)·         Jahki
·         Estonian (Prangli Estonia)·         Neh
·         Estonian [Old Estonian: archaic] (Estonia)·         Neh
·         Finnish (Finland)·         Kyllä
·         Finnish (Finland) [informal]·         Jep
·         French (France) [to negative questions]·         Si
·         Frisian (Netherlands)·         Ja
·         Friulian (Italy)·         Sì
·         Gagauz (Moldova)·         Yola
·         Galician (Spain)·         Si
·         Gallo (Britany Northern France)·         Yen
·         Gallo (Britany Northern France)·         Yan
·         Gascon (France)·         Oc
·         German (Central Europe)·         Ja
·         German (Cent.Eur.) [to negative questions]·         Doch
·         German (Bavaria Germany)·         Jå
·         German [Thuringian] (Thuringia Germany)·         Na
·         German [Swabian] (Germany)·         Jå
·         Greek [Hellenic] (Greece, Cyprus)·         Ne
·         Greek [old] (former Greek Empire)·         Né
·         Griko (Salento Italy)·         U’mme
·         Hungarian [Magyar] (Hungary)·         Igen
·         Icelandic (Iceland)·         Já
·         Ingush (Russia)·         Hwa’a
·         Inuttut [Greenlandic] (Greenland)·         Aap
·         Irish (Ireland) [it is]·         Isea
·         Italian (Central Europe, E Africa)·         Sì
·         Kalmyk (Russia)·         E
·         Karelian (Finland, Russia)·         Da
·         Karelian (Finland, Russia)·         Kyllä
·         Khakas (Siberia Russia)·         Ya
·         Komi-Permyak (Russia)·         No
·         Komi-Permyak (Russia)·         Nu
·         Komi-Zyryan (Russia)·         Da
·         Koryak (Russia)·         O
·         Ladin (Italy)·         Sci
·         Langue d’oïl [old] (France)·         Oïl
·         Latin (ancient Rome, Vatican)·         Ita
·         Latin (ancient Rome, Vatican)·         Itavero
·         Latin (ancient Rome, Vatican) [true]·         Certe
·         Latin (ancient Rome, Vatican) [right]·         Recte
·         Latvian (Latvia)·         Ja
·         Lithuanian (Lithuania)·         Taip
·         Lithuanian (Lithuania) [very informal]·         Aha
·         Lithuanian (Lithuania) [very informal]·         Mhm
·         Livonian (Latvia, Estonia)·         Nä
·         Low Saxon (Eastern Friesland)·         Ja
·         Low Saxon [Northern] (Lowlands Germany)·         Jaa
·         Low Saxon [Northern] (Fehrs Guild·         Germany)Ja
·         Low Saxon [Westphalian] (Germany)·         Jau
·         Ludian (Russia)·         Muga
·         Luxemburgish (Luxemburg)·         Jo
·         Macedonian (Macedonia)·         Da
·         Mae [Emwae] (New Hebrides Island)·         Ido
·         Mae [Emwae] (New Hebrides Island)·         Io
·         Maltese (Malta)·         Iva
·         Manx (Britain) [yes indeed]·         Abbyreh
·         Manx (Britain) [yes indeed]·         Gynourys
·         Manx (Britain) [yes indeed]·         Shedyjarroo
·         Manx (Britain)·         Seadh
·         Mari [Hill Mari] (Russia)·         Manye
·         Mari [Meadow Mari] (Russia)·         Anye
·         Mari [Meadow Mari] (Russia)·         Iye
·         Mari [Meadow Mari] (Russia)·         Tuge
·         Middle English (old England)·         Yis
·         Middle English (old England)·         Yus
·         Monegasque (Monaco)·         Sci
·         Nenets (Russia)·         Nyeya
·         Nganasan (Russia)·         Yy
·         Nganasan (Russia)·         Tê
·         Norwegian [Nynorsk, Bokmaal] (Norway)·         Ja
·         Norwegian [Sortlandsk] (Sortland Norway)·         Jo
·         Palatinian (Southwestern Germany)·         Jo
·         Piedmontese (Piemonte Italy)·         Eoj
·         Plattdeutsch (Germany)·         Jo
·         Polish (Poland)·         Tak
·         Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil)·         Sim
·         Provencal [Occitan] (France)·         Òc
·         Provencal [Occitan] (France)·         Oí
·         Prussian [old] (Prussia)·         Ja
·         Romani [Vlax] [Gypsy] (Europe)·         Va
·         Romani [Sofia Erli] (Bulgaria)·         Va
·         Romani [Romany] [Gypsy] (Europe)·         Hai
·         Romanian (Romania)·         Da
·         Romansch (Switzerland)·         Gea
·         Russian (Russia)·         Da
·         Russian (Russia) [informal]·         Aga
·         Russian (Russia) [slang]·         Nu
·         Saami [Davvi Saami] (Scandinavia)·         Joo
·         Saami [Davvi Saami] (Scandinavia)·         Lea
·         Saami [Davvi Saami] (Scandinavia)·         Delea
·         Saami [Inari Saami] (Scandinavia)·         Gal
·         Saami [Inari Saami] (Scandinavia)·         Kal
·         Saami [Skolt Saami] (Scandinavia)·         Naa
·         Saami [Skolt Saami] (Scandinavia)·         Kaéll
·         Sardinian (Italy)·         Eja
·         Sarnami (Suriname, Holland)·         Hañ
·         Savonian (Ylä-Savo Finland)·         Jotokkiisa
·         Scots (Scotland)·         Aye
·         Scots [Ulster Scots] (Northern Ireland)·         Ay
·         Scottish Gaelic (Scotland)·         Gudearbh
·         Scottish Gaelic (Scotland)·         Aidh
·         Serbian (Bosnia, Yugoslavia)·         Da
·         Setu (Southern Estonia)·         Jah
·         Shor (Russia)·         Eze
·         Sicilian (Sicily Italy)·         Si
·         Slovak (Slovakia)·         Áno
·         Slovenian (Slovenia)·         Da
·         Slovenian (Slovenia)·         Ja
·         Sorbian (eastern Germany)·         Haj
·         Sudovian [Jatvingian] (Baltic region)·         Jâ
·         Sursilvan (Switzerland)·         Gie
·         Svan (Georgia)·         Aadw
·         Swabian (Central Europe)·         Jå
·         Swedish (Sweden, Finland)·         Ja
·         Swedish (Sweden) [to negative questions]·         Jo
·         Tatar (Russia)·         Aye
·         Turkish (Turkey, Northern Cyprus)·         Evet
·         Tuvan (Russia)·         Iye
·         Udmurt (Russia)·         Ben
·         Udmurt (Russia)·         Bon
·         Udmurt (Russia)·         O-o
·         Udmurt (Russia)·         Y-y
·         Ukrainian (Ukraine)·         Tak
·         Valencian (Spain)·         Si
·         Veps (Russia)·         Ka
·         Võru (Võrumaa Estonia)·         Jah
·         Võru (Võrumaa Estonia)·         Ja
·         Votic (Russia)·         Da
·         Votic (Russia)·         Jaa
·         Welsh (Wales)·         Ie
·         Welsh (Wales)·         Oes
·         Welsh (Wales) [past tense]·         Do
·         Yiddish (Europe)·         Ye
·         Yiddish (Europe)·         Yo


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