Latest Coronavirus World Map

Coronavirus Outbreak

As of todays date (18th of February 2020) the Coronavirus has infected 73,259 individuals and killed 1,868. The vast majority being from China and of those Chinese most are from Hubei province. As the The humanitarian costs of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continue to rise we will be updating the above map of the World showing all the regions infected. We will also be real time updating the table below as more data comes in on infections and casualties.

Before updating the above map and the table below we confirm numbers with  China CDC (CCDC), Hong Kong Department of Health, Macau Government, Taiwan CDC, European CDC (ECDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and USCDC. We also consult the relevant authorities in Australia (Australia Government Department of Health), and Canada.

The JHU is also doing an outstanding job in tracking COVID-19 around the world. They have a very up to date data in a github repository here which we may switch to if the workload gets to high.


Table of Coronavirus Cases around the World

Confirmed Cases Country
72,363 Mainland China
454 Diamond Princess
77 Singapore
66 Japan
60 Hong Kong
35 Thailand
30 South Korea
22 Malaysia
22 Taiwan
16 Germany
16 Vietnam
15 Australia
15 US
12 France
10 Macau
9 United Arab Emirates
9 UK
8 Canada
3 Italy
3 Philippines
3 India
2 Russia
2 Spain
1 Nepal
1 Cambodia
1 Belgium
1 Finland
1 Sweden
1 Egypt
1 Sri Lanka