Time Zone World Map

Why Do We Need a Time Zone World Map The planet earth is broken up into regions we call time zones. They basically follow the cycle of the sun as the earth spins and different parts of the world face the sun. Humans need to sleep and we generally do this activity at night time. … Continue reading “Time Zone World Map”

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What are the Transcontinental Countries of Europe and Asia?

What are the Transcontinental Countries of Europe and Asia? There are 4 countries that are considered transcontinental between Europe and Asia. These are The Russian Federation, The Republic of Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, ( Georgia ). We are taking the literal meaning of Transcontinental means a country’s landmass is contiguously located in more than one continent. … Continue reading “What are the Transcontinental Countries of Europe and Asia?”

Colorful Map Of Europe

Click on the image above to get a big colorful map of Europe. Here we have a simple but colorful map of Europe. It is blank enough that people will be able to download it and modify it. We are dedicating 2019 to adding as many different map of Europe as we can. After all … Continue reading “Colorful Map Of Europe”

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Russia Loves Donald Trump

Most other G20 countries around the world favor Clinton over Trump but not Russia. looking at the image above you can see that Clinton has a lead over Trump in almost every other G20 country. unsurprisingly Clinton has the biggest lead in Mexico, the country that the Donald wants to wall of from the USA. … Continue reading “Russia Loves Donald Trump”

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Spanish Taxi Drivers Block Central Madrid Protesting Uber

Over a thousand taxi drivers have blockaded the center of Madrid on Thursday. Letting off flares, firecrackers, smoke bombs and blowing horns. They are protesting plans to allow companies like Uber and Cabify to compete in the market place. Currently Uber is not allowed to operate in Spain but the Spanish authorities are considering opening up … Continue reading “Spanish Taxi Drivers Block Central Madrid Protesting Uber”

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Map of Kosovo

Here we have a map of one of the newest republics of Europe. The Republic of Kosovo seceded from Serbia in 2008 and has been a hotly disputed territory ever since. With a population of about 1.8 million citizens and a land size of about 10,908 km2, it is one of the smallest also. The capital of … Continue reading “Map of Kosovo”

Beer Map of Europe – how to say beer in all the countries of Europe

    When travelling through Europe there is one word that everyone should know. That word is beer. Beer originated in Europe and is part of the culture of most of the countries on the continent. Every region will usually have it’s own distinct type of beer. From the dark, chocolaty stouts on the Western … Continue reading “Beer Map of Europe – how to say beer in all the countries of Europe”

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