Map of the United Kingdom

map of the United Kingdom

map of the United Kingdom

This is without any doubt the most popular country in Europe. It also enjoys a remarkable popularity around the world. Its capital city is London and the official language here and in the entire kingdom is the famous English language. The United Kingdom has a remarkable population of over 60,100,000 people. This marvellous kingdom is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The kingdom is led by a queen.

Getting around London can be tricky if you are visiting the city for the first time. Make sure you get a map of the United Kingdom before going around. There are car rental services throughout the city and the kingdom as a whole. All the car rental services accept payments in sterling pounds which is the official currency. There are other car rental services that accept major currencies like the dollar and the euro. You can also get car rental services online any time you wish.

One of the most interesting things that attract people to the United Kingdom is the royal family. People study about it so much and most of them visit the kingdom to learn more about it. There are other great attractions especially in London that one cannot afford to miss during his or her time in the United Kingdom. The big Ben is one of them. It is a big city clock in the city that dates back to the toddler years of London. There is also the Thames River that runs across the city where tourists can enjoy boat rides as the river is wide enough to allow easy navigation.

For theatre lovers, the United Kingdom has the best theatres in the world. There are numerous theatres within London and other great cities in the United Kingdom. Sport lovers will also find a good place in London. The United Kingdom is home to the famous soccer English premier league.  The league is the most popular worldwide as the best clubs such as Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester united actively participate in the league. There are also other fun activities United Kingdom is known for. The London marathon for example, attracts more than 200,000 fans and as well as athletes each time it is held. It’s not all about sports as there are art galleries,museums,parks and zoos throughout the country. With all these places and activities, there is no doubt every tourist falls in love with the United Kingdom.

It is indeed a great idea to travel United Kingdom. But do take time to look for cheap flights. They are hard to find any time of the year but with a little patience or may be luck you can find a cheap flight at almost half price the normal charges. This mainly happens through airline offers and promotions that are so common during festive seasons. The cheapest airport to fly into is the Heathrow international airport in London which is open throughout the year except in times when the winter weather is too harsh.  During such times flights outside the kingdom may be delayed or even postponed. To avoid flight hitches and a wonderful time in the United Kingdom, always travel during summer or spring when everything is cool.