Map of Ukraine

map of Ukraine

We have added a map of the initial attacks by Russia on Ukraine. We will be updating this regularly as events unfold.

The country of Ukraine is located in the Eastern side of Europe. It offers some of the most affordable accommodations in Europe. If you are heading to visit this country, it is best to begin your travel in the city of Kiev. Start your holiday in the largest city in the country that can offer avid travellers with a variety of spots and attractions, which resulted from great cultural heritage and signs of economic progress. From Kiev, you can directly travel to one of the ultimate tourist destination in the country, the city of Crimea. You will enjoy the cool climate, fresh air and beauty of pristine beaches located in the peninsula region, along the coast of the Black Sea. This is something you should never fail to visit when scheduled for a travel in Ukraine.

Travel Ukraine and you will experience the architectural splendours brought by different churches and castles. Now, it becomes a destination on the crossroads between Central and Eastern Europe. This is where Carpathian Mountains are located. This place is suitable for fishing, hunting, skiing and hiking. Thus, this country is a perfect place for summer destinations for many avid travellers who want to experience adventure during their travel. However, if you are not an adventurous type of person, you can head toward inland. From there, you will see several spots that will surely get you fascinated. From ancient buildings to modern day structures, Ukraine can offer several attractions that are simply one of a kind.

Museums in Ukraine are the places where you can find historical treasures that belong to this country. Ukraine is country filled with historical sites and strong cultural heritage. Located in the city of Kiev is the Natural Art Museum, which displays a collection of painting, images and other priceless artworks. Several tourists, travelling through Odessa, known as the Pearl of the Black Sea will enjoy the opportunity of taking glances on different museums. If you want to go back to the history of this country, pay a visit to Odessa Regional History Museum. Historical items will captivate your attention. Other places that are worth spending your time and money while you are in Ukraine will include Lviv Glass Museum, Bulgakov Museum, Ukrainian Museum of Historical Treasures and the popular Ivan Franko Literary Memorial Museum. Whatever country you will come to visit, museums are usually one of the places that travellers have on top of their long list.

Based on the map of Ukraine, this country will offer you several attractions and spots that you should never fail to visit.  In the capital city of Ukraine, you will never get starve with so many restaurants around, which you can enjoy dining in. The foods that Kiev restaurants are serving become one of the city’s main attractions for visitors. As of today, the capital boasts over a hundred of restaurants serving several kinds of tasteful dishes. The restaurants are serving classical French, Chinese and Italian cuisines. Apart from having a good taste for food, Ukraine has been a popular destination spot because of the many architectural and modernistic designs that the country owns.