Ukraine War Map After One Year – Feb 2023

Ukraine War After 1 year to february 2023

One Year After Russia’s Attack on Ukraine and Kyiv

Much has happened in this latest assault by Russia on Ukraine. The major take away is that Putin’s attempt to annex all of Ukraine has stalled. Ukranian forces have not only put up a heroic defense, they have taken the fight back to the Russian military and pushed them back to pre-February 2022 battle lines.

Putin and his gernerals believed that this latest assault would be over in a matter of weeks. How wrong they were. Ukraine’s military are not the same as the military that lost the Crimea peninsula in 2014. The Ukrainian army is a much better trained and equipped version thatn it was back then. The world, with a few notable exceptions has rallied around the Ukranina cause and have been willing to supply and train the Ukrainian armed fores. England, The USA and the members of the European union have come to the aid of Ukraine. Notably, Poland has stepped up and aided Ukraine with weapons, ammunition and humanitarian support.

The war has gone relatively well for the Ukranian’s so far. This is not to say that Ukraine and its people have not been brutalized by the Russian war machine but things have stabalized so much over the winter, that many foreign politicians and dignataries are able to visit Kyiv. Even the United States president Joe Biden was able to meet with Vladamir Zelensky on the aniversary of Russia’s attack on the capital. Biden announced that there will be a new round of sanctions on Russia and any nation that tries to backfill Russia’s war machine. This was met with thanks from president Zelensky.

Ukraine War Map Today

Below we have an animated map of the war in Ukraine. It starts February 2022 and shows advances by Russian and Ukrainian forces to February 2023.

Animated map of the war in Ukraine. 1 year on from February 2022
Animated map of the war in Ukraine. 1 year on from February 2022
The war is by no means over and it looks like as the European winter starts to thaw that a new assault has started to be prepared by the Russians. However the Ukranian military has been building up and preparing over the winter and it looks like they are ready to start pushing the Russians out of their country. The Ukranina military is fighting to save it’s people and it’s nation. Hopefully this new fighting season proves successful for them.