Map of Russia

map of Russia

With an area that is almost twice that of the United States of America, Russia is definitely a country any tourist ought to consider as his or her dream destination for any vacation. Its capital city Moscow is one of the most industrialized cities in Europe and has residents not only from Russia but from different parts of the world. The official language spoken in Russia is Russian with a few people speaking English as their second language. Russia has been for a long time a European country involved in key European decisions probably because of its military might and developed economy.

There are cheap flights available to Russia from different parts of the world. However, getting them can sometimes prove to be a difficult exercise but with a little patience, one can easily get the cheap flights easily. Most cheap flights are available during festive seasons when there are discounts and promotions of flight tickets to Russia. It is during these promotions that you can easily secure the cheap flights. There are other ways one can secure cheap flights to Moscow but you have to be really patient in your quest for the cheap flights as some of them only come once or twice in a year

Tourist attractions in Russia are numerous and one may even have difficulties deciding where to go or where not to, especially if you do not have a map of Russia. Most of them are in the capital Moscow and other big cities like St.Petersburg. The Kremlin is one of the most common destinations to both local and international tourists. It serves as the official home of the Russian president and has some of the most beautiful gardens in Europe. A good travel map of Russia should show you al the best tourist spots.

Then there is the golden ring which is a group of cities north east of Moscow. The cities are prehistoric and played a major role in the formation of the Russian Orthodox Church. When it comes to listing all the attraction in this great country of more than 140,000,000 people one can easily get tired before reaching a quarter of the main attractions. More information about the attraction can be got from respective tourist travel agencies or tour websites.

Before you travel Russia, it is extremely important to know the weather one is going to find there. The country experiences the four main seasons on a year; summer, autumn, winter and spring. Winter seasons in Russia are always damp and wet. Sometimes the temperatures may reach negatives so it is highly recommended that you carry heavy clothing to beat the cold if you intend to visit Russia during this time. Summers are generally cool but sometimes the temperatures can reach very high limits. The best season to fly into Russia is during spring when the temperatures are moderate.

Whether you love indoor or outdoor activities you will never fall short of activities to do in Russia. There are museums, art galleries and theatres for indoor activity lovers in Russia. There are also parks and zoos for nature lovers in different parts of Russia where the nature lovers can taste what Russia has to offer when it comes to nature. Before leaving take time to chat with Russians. You will find it interesting that despite what people say about them they are very warm and welcoming. An Eastern Europe map will help you find it.