Map of San Marino

map of San Marino

San Marino is one of the smallest countries you will ever visit. It has a population of over 25,000 people. Its capital city goes by the same name as the country, San Marino. It has a population of about 5000 people. The country has the oldest republic in the whole wide world, dating back to 301 A.D when it got its independence. Another interesting thing about this country is that you can tour the entire country in just 48 hours. This makes it even charming to any tourist as seeing every corner of a foreign country in the shortest time possible is an achievement many dream of.

There are cheap flights to San Marino throughout the year but getting them can be very challenging. The cheap flights are highly competitive and only come when there are promotions; festive seasons or when an airline is celebrating an anniversary. There are other ways through which you can get cheap flights most of which are only known to travel agents. The cheap flights will definitely save you money that you will probably use to have more fun during that vacation or holiday you so much hope to spend in San Marino.

There are hotels in the city and other parts of the country where tourists can eat and spend the nights. The city comes vibrant at night with many restaurants open to tourists and other night life lovers. During the day, the streets are filled with thousands of tourists sightseeing or simply buying souvenirs in the major gift shops around the small city. There are buses and cabs to get you around so you really do not really need to look around for car rental services. Bus tickets are affordable to both locals and tourists wishing to travel to any part of the country.

Before booking that flight to travel San Marino, ensure you have some knowledge of the weather condition you are going to find in the city and in the country as a whole. Like any other part in Europe, San Marino experiences summer, autumn, winter and spring. The best time to fly into San Marino is during spring when almost everything is cool. Summer is also a good season to travel to San Marino but there are so many tourists also flying in during this season. Winter seasons are not the best for anyone to fly into San Marino because of extremely cold conditions.

Take time to walk around the city to buy souvenir and stamps or visit art galleries. Take a map of San Marino to help you locate places easily or take a tour guide with you to shoe you around. If you like making friends or socializing be sure to find a wonderful time in San Marino. The locals are very welcoming and friendly people. You will notice nearly all of them show some kind of passion for their country and culture and are very proud of whatever they do.