Map of Romania

map of Romania

How would you like to visit the famous Black Sea? In Romania, you will be able to visit this wonderful body of water which no other tourist spots could parallel with. The country is well known to be the place of origin of the famous Count Dracula. Moreover, the country has lots to show when it comes to nature endowed beautiful sceneries. The visitors surely love the attractive forest landscapes, churches which were built way back the medieval ages, historical gems and seaside villages.

Just like any country in Europe, you will be able to reach Romania by air, by road, rails and waters. You could avail of the cheap flights from the country’s national airline, the Tarom and Delta which directly flies from New York going to Bucharest. It would only take you about 3 hours and 20 minutes to reach Bucharest from London.

You could also avail of the country’s car for hire services from local and international firms which are rampant in the Bucharest airport. However, the government strongly implements the policy that the driver should be at least 21 years old. Moreover, it is advised that tourist should hire a package of car and driver service to prevent suffering from unpredictable driving.

Regarding the tourist’s accommodation needs, there are lots of hotels in the city which have the utmost capacity to deliver highly satisfactory convenience and comfort to the tourists. However, due to the heavy influx of tourists and visitors during some particular periods of the year, it is strongly advised to have an advance booking of the hotel suites. The costs of these accommodation services are relatively large given that the hotels are mostly rated with 5 stars. Nevertheless, the hotel management assures the customers with high quality of service and maximum comfort through its state of the art rooms and facilities. You could check in at Radisson Blu Bucharest, JW Marriott Grand, Intercontinental Bucharest, Grand Hotel Continental, Centre Ville Elite Aparthotel which are just some of the most common five-star hotels found in the country.

Some of the must be seen tourist spots in Romania include the Berca Mud Volcanoes, Carpathian Mountains, Ceausescu’s Palace of Parliamen, Bran Castle, the port of Constanta and the museum of history of Jewish community in Romania. In the country side of Romania, you will be able to witness the traditional practices which were preserved through the years as well as the wooden churches and wines. You can also engage in some outdoor activities such as cycling in the terrains of Romania. The trails are especially made for the cycling enthusiasts and biking lovers. Also, you should not miss going to the mountain lakes found in Retezat and Fagaras ranges. You will also discover the wonders inside the more than ten thousand caves found in Romania. You will find these beautiful and awesome tourist spots when you take a look at the map of Romania which is widely offered among the tourists.