Map of Ireland

map of Ireland

Ireland is no doubt one of Europe’s most famous countries. It is like an art book with magnificent photos and snaps. You never get tired of feeding your eyes with the beautiful places throughout the cities and towns in Ireland. The capital city of Ireland is Dublin where diverse people from around the world live. Any tourist will have an easy time in Dublin as the official language here and the rest of the entire country is English. The city has a good transport and communication network and is one of the best maintained cities in the entire continent of Europe.

An extensive Travel insurance is one of the key travel necessities you need to travel Ireland. With good travel insurance, you will be assured of a good holiday or vacation throughout your stay in Ireland. In case you lose your luggage or fall sick, the travel insurance will take good care of you. You can always find a good travel insurance through you travel agency or through your attorney who will advise you of the best travel insurance. There are also sites that offer free advice to tourists who wish to apply for travel insurance. The bottom line here is, a travel insurance gives you confidence that you are in safe hands should anything unplanned event occur.

There are more than enough tourist attractions throughout Ireland. With a map of Ireland, you will be all set to go. The trinity college is one of them. It is a college established years ago and some of the world’s renowned scholars and professors studied here. Then there is the national gallery of Ireland where art lovers will certainly feel at home. The gallery has magnificent artistic works and inventions which are only exclusive to Ireland only. The phoenix park is a must visit to any nature lover visiting Ireland. It is the only place nature lovers can see for themselves what Ireland can offer in terms of flora and fauna. The list is endless so you can consult your travel agency for more information about Ireland tourist attractions.

The weather in Ireland is friendly and no doubt anyone will fall in love with the weather conditions here. The country experiences the four common seasons like any other country in the map of Europe. The common seasons being summer, autumn, winter and spring. Spring is the best season for anyone to visit Ireland as the temperatures are cool and almost everything else is cool. Winters are normally wet and damp with sometimes very low temperatures. The summer season is also a good season to visit Ireland. There is sunshine to enjoy with little or no showers in the afternoons.

Before leaving the country, take time to walk around the city and chat with the locals. You will note interesting things about them that other Europe and do not have or never show at all. Nearly all Irish men and women have a passion for their country that other Europeans do not have. They love their culture and language more than anything else.