Athens – The Ancient Wonder

Wonderful Ancient Athens

Athens acropolis The city of Athens is the Capital of Greece that boasts of numerous things that attract visitors including some of the world’s best tourist attractions. Visitors who tour Athens are come to experience the monuments that Athens offers as well as explore the tourism industry. As such the city which is also known as a primary tourist attraction within Europe guarantees visitors who are drawn from the different parts of the world memorable holidays. The attractions of Athens are just a section of the numerous historical as well as other natural wonders. In fact, Athens’ glory is in its splendid past as well as its role in the classical history. While in Athens, visitors get to explore the exciting, vibrant and charming city who are spoilt for choice on the attractions and activities to engage in as the town brings together a cocktail of traditional, cultural as well as historical treasures. The experience is made even better especially for individuals who are on holidays by the presence of well trained tour guides from various tour companies who supply information on the various places and monuments that visitors opt to visit alongside the history of Athens itself. Notably, a majority of the museums and monuments in Athens have their origin in the period of the wake of civilization. As such, Athens is capable of satisfying it visitors of diverse ages, groups and civilizations because of the diversity of the attractions, accommodation and shopping experience. Every person who intends to travel to Athens ought to be aware of the best places to see so that they do not miss a thing. Some of the a must see attractions of Athens include the acropolis and the Parthenon, the national archaeological museum, the cape sounion and the temple of Poseidon, the Piraeus, the Plaka and the night life.

The National Archeological Museum offers the grandeur of the Greek culture which dates back from the Minoans and Cycladic Island civilization as well as Mycenaeans to the present. This museum is home to ancient Greek jewellery, sculpture, pottery as well as Antikythera Device. That is, the a computer that is over 2000 years old which tells of the technological developments in Greece. The museum is one among many that tourists as well as locals may visit. Fans of coins may on the other hand be fascinated by the Nuimismatic museum while Icon enthusiast will find pleasure visitng the Byzantine museum. Also, admirers of ancient warfare will find the War museum a great place to explore even though the museum is known to attract admirers of history and students alike. However it is the Benaki museum that adequately captures the transition from the ancient to Modern Greece.

The Acropolis and Parthenon is another attraction worth taking note of as it tells that story of the ancient Greek culture. The Acropolis museum is worth touring as it presents the opportunity to enjoy a breath taking view of the city of Athens that is dotted with Temples. The stunning building is overwhelming as it has great achievements for mankind. While here, visitors experience the archaeological sites such as Theatre of Herod Atticus, Ancient Agora and Keramiekos as well as Theatre of Dionysious.

Another attraction that is worth checking out while on your tour of Athens is the Piraeus, a port city that allows you to enjoy the sea’s blue waters and sights. Besides, a walk into the Piraeus Archeological museum makes your travel to Athens worth the while besides the numerous culinary delights that you will get to experience and enjoy. Also, Piraeus offers some of the best eating places. Also worth visiting is the Cape Sounion at the hill that overlooks the sea and is perched strategically at the Attiki Peninsula tip. While here, visitors also get to see the Temple of Poseidon that is an ancient place of worship that is now very popular among locals as well as tourists who travel to Athens. This temple has the graffiti of Lord Byron that art lovers admire. Moreover, the location of the temple comes with the advantage of allowing visitors to enjoy a breathtaking sunset against monuments and the view of the sea. Athens city is also known to have a lively night life as shops are usually open till late hence tourists do not need to worry about their safety. There are numerous other things that visitors to Athens may engage in. even then, it is advisable that visitors intending to check into hotels make their bookings in advance to ensure that there are less hassles during the actual trip. Where possible, last minute planning should be avoided at all costs because it goes a long way in determining how ell the trip will be enjoyed. It is in fact recommended that visitors liaise with tour companies in  Athens to make their experience smooth.