Explore the great sites of London

London Big BenBritain is a great country that has some of the hottest tourist attraction cities like London that are flocked by tourist each and every year. Many critics and tourist site reviewers will agree that London is one of the major destination places when it comes to tourism. People go to tour this city with such a rich history. Britain is well known for its intense history and this is what makes the tourist flock this great city each and every year. It is said that London attract over thirty million tourist each year this it has earned the bragging rights to be called one of the most famous city in the world. Tourist all over the world know of the various hot places that they can visit when they come to Britain and will always make a point of visiting the city of London, a great map of London comes in handy here. The large number of hot tourist destination spots that this city has to offer always thrills the tourists who come to explore this great city. There are museums that house some of the most famous paintings not to mention the fact that they also have records of the city’s long and rich history. For those tourists who love history London is definitely the place to visit. The good thing about many of the museums that are found in this city is that they offer free admission into the museums. This means that the tourist does not have to worry about admission into the museums and can even reduce the amount of money that they spend while touring the museums. Famous museums like the British Museum boast of an art collection that is rivalled by very few other museums. It is said that this museum houses over seven million different art exhibits within its walls. This is a great incentive for the tourist who loves to view art and is one of the reasons why this great city attracts so many people. The exhibits that are found in this museum are not only rich in the history of Great Britain, but they also cover other great cities like Egypt and Rome. The art exhibition is a historical background into the development of the human race from the ancient times to these modern times. It is a celebration of the development of human culture and will entertain and teach anyone who goes to see the great collection. From the world’s oldest mummy to the ancient Roman Empire, there is indeed something for everyone to view and be entertained. To add icing to the whole cake, the British Museum is open seven days of the week and what’s more is that its admission is free to the public.

For the lovers of literature there is something that they will enjoy immensely when they visit the great city of London. In the various museums that this city has to offer, they will get to view ancient texts and classical novels that were written by great artistes of the past. They will be able to view original documents of great writers and have one of the most memorable holidays of their lives. From the master play writer William Shakespeare to the great author Oscar Wilde, they will be able to view original work that will leave them spell bound and yearning to come back for more. The tourist attractions that London has to offer also include the Buckingham palace, which is the mantelpiece of the whole British royal family. This place has withstood various wars and has weathered the storm of time to stand as a living testament to the rich history of Britain.

There is no point of going to the city of London and not stopping over at the Buckingham palace for a quick visit. Like the pyramids of Egypt or the great wall in chine, Buckingham palace is famous around the world and every tourist who visits this makes sure that they at least visit this great tourist attraction site. The amazing things about the Buckingham palace is that it is still being used in these modern times and one can literary feel the history that the walls have if one takes a walk down its historical corridors. Another important landmark in this city is the tower of London. This fortress has the crown jewels of England, which are a symbol of England’s sovereignty and rich history. The crown jewels have been there for a very long time and have been handed down the royal family over the generations. They are a symbol of England pride and rich historical background.

From theatre and arts to historical landmarks and sites, there is definitely something for anyone who visits London to look at and marvel. One will be able to enjoy their vacation more if they select some of the most popular places to visit and concentrate on them. Since the vacation is limited, one will not be able to exhaust all the tourist destination places that London has to offer. A good guidebook and a good plan of the sites that one wants to see will ensure that the limited time one has is used in the most appropriate manner possible.

Make sure you get a great map of the Tube (London’s underground railway). The tube is the easiest way to get around and there are stations near all the main tourist attractions.