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Berlin wallEnjoy the travel experience in Berlin

If one is looking for the best travel Europe experience then they should definitely consider going to the German city of Berlin. This city is one of the sixteen cities that make up the great republic that is Germany. Germany has had both a good and bad historical past that has changed the entire international aspect in regards to politics and social issues. It has been the focal spot for tourists who want to understand the chequered history of Germany. It boasts of a population of around three to four million citizens and is the largest city in Germany. Like many other great cities in the world Berlin has a well developed tourism economy that see it pulling in tourist from all over the world. This great city has good infrastructure that allows the easy movements of people and products across various parts of the city. The rich history that this city has is primarily what attracts the tourists who flock in every year. The tourists come to tour and get a sample of the historical background of the city not to mention visit all the favourite tourist destination spots. With well-developed transport infrastructure and a thriving tourism sector, Berlin is one of the most famous places to visit around the world.

It is very important that a city that attracts so many visitors to have a well defined infrastructure. The transportation of the tourist to the various tourist sites should be done in a smooth and effective manner. There should be adequate transport to be able to cope with the large numbers of tourist who will flock the city. The hotels that the city has should range from the most exclusive ones to the ones that are tailor made for the European traveller on a budget. This will ensure that everyone is taken care off. If the city does not invest heavily in making all these preparations then it is likely going to miss the tourism industry. However you must get a good map of Berlin to help you get around.

Berlin definitely has all these amenities and thus is one of the hottest destination spots for tourists. The city is the second most populated city in the entire European Union and still is able to handle the large number of tourists who visits this great city. This is because of the sophisticated planning, which the city put into the infrastructure of the tourism industry. This is one of the reasons why it is such a great city to visit.

The travelling historian who is staying in Berlin will be greatly entertained and educated by the rich history that this German city has to offer. One will be entertained by tales of when Berlin used to belong to the kingdom of Persia and then to the German empire and how the city became divided after the Second World War. Very few cities in the world have had such a great role in the international field of political and social-economical issues. It was the focal point when the Second World War was in full swing. It is a city that has seen both great destruction and unparalleled growth in terms of social and economical issues. Many would not believe when they visit this modern city that it was once almost completely destroyed during the Second World War. The traveller will simply be amazed at how this city picked itself up from the rubble and developed into this ultra modern city. The tale of how this city was able to develop is a tale of how people can overcome hurdles placed in their path. The occupants of this German city are the true movers of the city’s development. They are the ones who have enabled this great German city to develop into a robust economy that attracts thousands of tourists every year. One will be experiencing this kind of rich tour experience when they decide to spend their holidays in this great city of Germany.

Perhaps what Berlin is most famous for is the great Berlin wall that separated Germany into East and West Germany from 1961 till 1989. This wall was caused by the ideological and political differences that the two sides had. The wall and all that it resembled is a tourist attraction spot for anyone who comes to visit this great city. The collapse of the wall was witnessed all over the world. This event represented yet another historical moment of human perseverance and triumph over adversity.

This rich and diverse history is exactly why millions of people will flock this city every year and look at the remains of the Berlin wall. Berlin is a city that has got a diverse culture and a thriving community of diverse individuals that help to boost the image of the city on the world map. It is a place where memorable touring experiences can be created and will leave the visitor feeling well satisfied by the whole experience. From great museums to historical suite to a thriving night-life, Berlin is definitely one of the major tourist destination spots in the world.