Map of Moldova

map of Moldova

Moldova: The Forgotten Travel Destination

Rich in fertile soil and history which produces plenty of vineyards, Moldova is one of Europe’s forgotten travel destinations. In this country is found vast monasteries, trek through its ancient forests and taste its local wines.

Geography and Map of Moldova

Moldova is located at the Eastern Europe and Northeast of Romania which has a total of 33,843 sq km of land area. Compared to a state in the U.S. it is slightly larger than the state of Maryland.

People in Moldova

Moldova has a total population of 4 440 000. Although the country is highly populated, it has a few large cities and the most valuable is the capital city called Chisinau. They have different ethnicity and the majority of them are the ethnic Moldavians. Some are Ukrainians, Russians, Bulgarians and more. Christianity is the predominant religion and some of them are Muslims. The people in Moldova are known to be hospitable and friendly and the capital city has much to offer to any visitor.

Then there are the mouthwatering seafood and drinks that have distinct tastes and flavors experienced nowhere else in the world. They are available in all the big hotels and restaurants in Moldova at affordable prices. They can be enjoyed on the beach with cool breeze or one can make an order for room service and enjoy the delicacies in his or her own privacy. With such a nice treatment, one feels like a king or queen and may easily think of extending his or her days in the wonderful island of Moldova. This happens to most tourists or others go and fail to resist to the temptation of coming back. To them, Moldova is a home away from home.

The Weather and Climate of Moldova

The republic of Moldova has a temperate continental climate located approximately halfway between the North Pole and the Equator. The country’s four seasons are defined clearly, winter is warm and summers are long accompanied with lots of sunny days. Winter is moderate, some days it may fall. Spring is not stable compared to the number of sunny days. Summer is lasts long and is really hot. When summer rains occurs, it is usually heavy, causing local flood. Autumn is warm and long and may bring the first frosts and snowfalls.

4 Best places to go when you travel Moldova:

  • 1. Chisinau is the capital city of Moldova which has very modern green and the most comfortable town in the heart of the country. The trip here includes going to the historical center of Chisinau, the administrative and the cultural establishments on the main blvd called Stefan cel Mare which is the main square of the General National Meeting, churches and museums, 2 central parks, market of souvenirs and Central Market. The whole duration of the excursion is about 3-4 hours.
  • 2. Crivoca and Miletii Mici wine cellars- This spot is known to be the biggest underground wine cellars across Europe. Its wine factory and collections are found in tunnels made out of limestone forming an underground wine city. It has motor streets which are named from its famous brands of wine namely Shardonait, Cabernet, Sauvignon, Feteasca and more.
  • 3. Soroca town- This is visited for its historical importance during the medieval period for its defense system against the invasion of the polyaks, tartar, ottomans, Cossacks, and the Slavs coming from the East.
  • 4. Saharna Monastery complex – This spot is a must-see for its historical and natural wonders. It may take up to 6 to 7 hours to tour around the place.