Tourism in Minsk

Minsk For the traveller on a budget

Minsk in BelarusContaining admirable squares, enchanting gardens, spacious promenades and Soviet-era architecture, the capital of Belarus is one of the more traditional members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). In fact, those who experienced the former Soviet Union often say its norms strikingly bare resemblance to the USSR. When looking at a map of Minsk, its importance is amplified by being almost directly in the center of Belarus. This busy metropolitan is the largest city in all of the country.

Those who enjoy fine arts will be especially pleased with the selection of museums. Some notable museums include the Maksim Bogdanovich Literary Museum, the Literary History Museum and the National Arts Museum. If you are looking for paintings by globally and locally famous artists, the National Arts Museum houses artwork from international as well as local well-known painters. For literature enthusiasts, the Literary History Museum contains the works of Nobel Prize nominee Vasil Bykov. Bykov was a popular Belarusian World War II writer whose literature has been translated into many foreign languages. If you enjoy quality poetry, the works of Maksim Bogdanovich are showcased at the Maksim Bogdanovich Literary Museum.Bogdanovich was a local to Minsk and has many streets named after him.

The majestic architecture of the older churches are a must see. One of the oldest churches that are still standing today in Minsk is the Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul. Built in 1613, this church is also known as the “yellow church.” A slightly younger church that was build 29 years later in order to house Bernadine nuns is the Cathedral of the Holy Ghost. This church is also grand in size and worth the trip. Another unique-looking church is the church of Saint Simon and Helena, which was once used a cinema. It’s known as the “red church” for its reddish appearance. Among other aesthetically pleasing churches are Saint Aleksander Nevksy’s Church and the Maryinsky Cathedral

For those looking to take a long relaxing stroll, Park Yanka offers plenty of lush vegetation. Row boats can also be rented during the summer, which are used on the Svislach River that surround the park. Chelyuskintsev Park is an enormous and grandiose park that is frequented by foreigners and locals alike during the warmer seasons. It is located beside the Central Botanical Gardens. Chelyuskintsev Park is the perfect place for a quiet and peaceful outing with your loved ones.

If you are in the mood for a more exquisite location, pay a visit to the Nasvizh Palace, which reopened in May-June 2012 after major restorations. This palace is considered to be the most alluring palace in Belarus by the Belarusian population and is located in the greater Minsk region. Its rich history and magnificent appearance make it a marvellous tourist attraction.

Public transportation allows for tourists to access almost every town in Belarus as well as almost all major cities outside of Belarus. There are many options for getting around in the city, including buses, the subway, tram, or renting a car. If you prefer sightseeing on foot, it is worth investing in a map of Minsk. This will make navigation easier and more enjoyable as you travel through this mysterious and historic city.