Is it Time To Experience the Swiss Alps?

The Swiss Alps

The Swiss AlpsAh, the Swiss Alps, who could resist? If you are headed to Switzerland on holiday, this is one place not to be missed. Comprised primarily of the Alps range of mountains, it is a stunningly dramatic landscape of rugged and jagged rock formations. Bring your camera because this is some place that you will certainly want to photograph over and over again. And if you like to ski, then you have found the perfect location for this exciting sport. So settle into your Chalet and have a sip of Schnapps, as we visit the enchanted and inviting Swiss Alps. Perhaps the first activity that comes to mind when we think of this mountain destination is skiing holiday. This is because the region has perhaps some of the finest ski resorts in the world. In fact the names Alps and skiing are nearly interchangeable. But the delight of the Alps goes far beyond the skiing industry. In fact there is a whole world of adventure that awaits you when you decide to visit the spectacular Swiss Alps.

Comprising more than half of Switzerland’s total land area, the Swiss Alps are also made up of several glaciers. Several other countries share in the Alps mountain range, including Italy, France and Austria. The tourist industry makes up a major portion of the economy in this popular area. With skiing being at the top of the list of attractions, there are several highly regarded resorts that cater to skiing enthusiasts. The primary areas for these activities include Oberland, Bernese as well as Graubunden. Most of the ski resorts open sometimes as early as November and can extend as far out as May. A few of the well-known resorts include Grindelwald, Gastaad, Crans Montana, Zermatt and Davos to name only a small portion of the total resorts that populate this region. Most of these resorts are just a few hours drive from the larger cites in Switzerland. Skiers from around the world gravitate to this skiing Mecca of sorts. The saying is you have not gone skiing until you have experienced the Swiss Alps.

After you have enjoyed a relaxing shot of Schnapps on your skiing holiday in your well-appointed Swiss Chalet, you can then begin to explore the interesting landscape of this mountain world. For example, take in the powerful images of majestic mountain peaks, some of the more notable peaks ideal for photo opportunities include, Jungfraujoch peak, Piz Badile Range of peaks, the peaks of Finsteraarhorn, and the famous Matterhorn. Also a part of this breathtaking landscape includes such glacial formations as the Aletsch Glacier, the Saleina Glacier, the Stein Glacier, the Morteratsch Glacier and the Oberaar glacial formation to name just a few. This is a truly picturesque region with endless images of mountains, glaciers, passes, and peaks. It only takes one trip to the Swiss Alps to know you have discovered a place with few rivals. However, the true splendor of this exciting region cannot be fully appreciated in just a few days. So plan for at least a few weeks of more to adequately take in all that is offered here.

Getting around is a fairly easy task while visiting the Swiss Alps. Most of the mountain resorts are accessible via the extensive public transportation system that criss crosses the entire region. Some of the national transport includes the Golden Pass, the Federal Railway and the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn. The Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn is especially interesting. The Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn is considered a rather narrow rail when measured in gauge. The route spans from Zermatt to Disentis. Also worth the time to explore is the Rhaetian Railway system, a private railway system that operates in larger tourism centers such as Davos as well as St. Moritz. Tourists will find that most destinations are within just a few hours away by train. The best part of taking the train is the view and scenery. Stunning views while you relax on the meandering train will keep your interest the whole way. There are often many ways to get around while on holiday, but few compare to a beautiful train ride through the Swiss Alps.

No matter what your interest, the Alps of Switzerland will keep you coming back for more of all that this marvellous area has to offer. You will experience stunning views from your comfortable Swiss Chalet on a skiing holiday that will create memories that will last a lifetime. You may even decide to bring back home a bottle or two of the signature drink of the region, a bottle of fine Swiss Schnapps. This is a very worthwhile trip with so much to see and do, how could anyone resist. Getting around will be a breeze with one of the finest networks of transportation in the world. The stunning mountain landscape and breathtaking glacial formations will leave you in a splendid daze. The best way to take advantage of all the scenery will without a doubt be the train. There is good reason why so many people choose the train as their preferred way of travel in Switzerland. Make plans to visit the Alps of Switzerland, and be ready to be swept away on a journey only few have dreamed of before. See the Alps today, and see what you have been missing.