Travelling to the Black Forest

the Black Forest GermanyThe next time you visit Germany, one sight you won’t want to miss is the intriguingly unique black forest. Situated in south-western reaches of Germany, this is an area that gets its name from the thick heavy undergrowth of foliage that routinely blocks out the sun. This ecologically rich mountainous area is heavily wooded and is surrounded by the Rhine valley. One primary source of water feeding the forest throughout is the Danube River, while the majority of tress is of the fir and pine variety. With miles and miles of hiking and walking paths this is a true wonderland of Bavaria for the outdoors type. Perhaps of greater interest to the outdoors inclined will be the miles of cross-country skiing courses. This area is so rich in ecology and interesting sights it is no wonder that tourists flock here each year, especially throughout the summer months. In fact tourist related activities make for a major portion of the economy in this area. To see where the Black Forest is situated check out this map of Germany.

When someone first hears the term Black Forest, they usually think of some type of food. This has become the best-recognized use of the term around the world. Perhaps the most widely known food to carry this name is of course the Black Forest Cake. The primary ingredients of this delectable delight are usually chocolate cake, cherries, and rich heavy cream. The primary flavor enhancer is the flavored liquor known as Kirsch. Another well-known food item is the ever-popular Black Forest Ham, a family favorite the world over. The area is no stranger to exquisite foods either, with some of the finest restaurants in the world located right here in the region. The area is replete with fine dining and will keep those with a love for fine food busy for a very long time. A number of these restaurants have the distinction of having some of the highest ratings in terms of food excellence in the world. No visit to the region would be complete without a visit to at least a few of these delightful dining establishments.

Another interesting point of remark that this German or Bavarian region is well known for is the wood carving industry. This makes up for a good portion of annual tourist revenue with a main portion of the artistic woodworking being the design of Cuckoo Clocks. The traditional clockmaker of the Black Forest is regarded as the premier clock maker in the world. The clocks are lauded as the best and most precise clocks anywhere. This clock making art dates back a few hundred years and has its roots firmly planted in the area. It is little wonder that there is such a high demand for this much sought after souvenir by the droves of tourists that make their way to the region each year. This area has a truly unique and inspiring feel that you won’t find anyplace else in the world. Once you have spent a little time in this inviting and enchanted forest you will likely want to return. With a map of Germany in hand and a little spare time the possibilities are endless when visiting this very special place.

Getting back to nature is something we all strive for at one time or another, and a visit to this magical forest is definitely one way to do that. In the Black Forest expect to see a wide range of wildlife as well as rare and unique foliage. At the floor or base of the forest one little creature that stands out as unique to this part of the world are the giant size earthworms. Like nothing you have ever set your eyes on before, these earth worms have almost a prehistoric appearance to them. They are a bit of an oddity and let you know that you are in a very unique place deep in the German forest. Another species indigenous to the area is the horse breed known as the Black Forest Fox. Known as being a true workhorse these animals have been used for many years to work the land. Also indigenous to the region is a rare bird known as the Wood Grouse or Heather Cock. This is a rather large bird weighing in at nearly 16 pounds. This beautiful bird is yet another example of how diverse and wonderful this forest really can be.

The list goes on as to the unique sights you will see in this fantasy like forest world. One point of interest that should be on anyone’s list of places to see while visiting the Black Forest is the world famous museum known as Schwarzwalder Freilicht Museum. This remarkable museum puts on exhibits that relate and show how people lived during the 16th century. It focuses specifically on those who tended to the farms in the region during that period. The museum has actually recreated a number of original old farms. Also when making the museum rounds, you would not want to miss the German Museum of clocks. This museum offers a historical perspective of German clock building. No matter what you reason for visiting this Bavarian wonderland, one thing you can count on is that it will be well worth your time. So why not get out your map of Germany and set a course for the enchanted Black Forest. One trip and you will know why this area draws the number of people that is does.