Oslo Northern Culture


Oslo by nightMany people seem to overlook the Scandinavian countries for a holiday, however this area is absolutely packed full of fantastic things to do, in fact these countries are some of the most beautiful in the world. If you have yet to visit the Capital City of Norway then I suggest you travel to Oslo now and experience various wonders that can only be found in this city.

Norway is a fairly large country, the population is also incredibly sparse. Despite being a capital city Oslo retains a great deal of ‘quaintness’ often associated with much smaller places. If you travel here you will able to experience a quiet and relaxing holiday with not many people around whilst having all the benefits of a major city right at your fingertips.

The popular misconception is that Scandinavian countries are al cost constantly cold, whilst this may be true in the winter months during the rest of the year Oslo temperatures in Oslo can become rather high.  Rainfall in this area is higher than other places however so do not expect the type of vacation where you can hang out whilst soaking in the rays.

The architecture within Oslo is some of the most diverse in Norway. You have a subtle blend of both original 19th Century buildings coupled with more modern affairs. A quick walk through any part of town will subject you to some of the most beautiful buildings that you would have seen in your life. It isn’t all about the city buildings however, Oslo boasts four open green spaces which you can kick back and relax in should the city life become too much.

Due to being the capital city of Oslo the government are located right in the heart of the city. You can visit their grouped offices called ‘Regjeringskvartalet’ close to their main parliamentary buildings. Norwegians are also fairly proud of their royal heritage, the royal palace can also be found located within the city walls.

For the tourist travelling to Oslo it is incredibly easy to move around, many of the major tourist destinations can be reached on foot whilst slightly more out of the way places can be reached by a well-run transport system. There are Bus Links to almost everywhere in Norway with a few select routes also taking passengers to the countries of Sweden or Denmark located close by.

Oslo is a cultural centre. It is packed to the brim with art galleries and museums for the budding tourist to spend day whiling away in. One of the most popular highlights is the ‘Munch Museum’ where the world famous painting ‘The Scream’ is located, this particular piece of artwork is worth the trip alone. In the evening you have a variety of night clubs and sports venues to spend the time in.

If you are looking for a vacation in an area that most people seem to give a skip then I suggest travelling to Oslo. Within just a few hours you will be able to experience the beauty of this capital city located right in the heart of Norway.