Map Of Income Inequality Across Europe

We collated income inequality stats into a graph and a map of Europe. This highlights which countries have income inequality issues. Not all European countries have been included. Notables like Russia did not have the data available as of time of publishing. The formula that is used to derive the results in this article is … Continue reading “Map Of Income Inequality Across Europe”

Top 40 European Economies By GDP 2018

Top 40 European Economies 2018 Here we have a table of the top 40 European countries ranked by Gross Domestic Product. This doesn’t only include European Union Countries but all the countries that are considered part of the continent of Europe. Some interesting takeaways from this years European GDP figures are the following: Romania went … Continue reading “Top 40 European Economies By GDP 2018”

Map of Roman Cities and Roads in Ancient Britain

Iron age Britain was dominated by one form of man made structure, that being the Roman road. Arguably the two Roman walls: the Antonine wall and Hadrian’s wall looked more impressive to the naked eye and the garrisons that became towns like Lindum and Veronis held large groups of humanity. The Roman roads did more … Continue reading “Map of Roman Cities and Roads in Ancient Britain”