• Map of Europe

    Map of Europe

    There is a new map of Europe for 2020 here and a good political map of Europe here. We have finally done it. We have upgraded our oldest map post to a new and better version. Google will probably hate it like it hates the rest of this site but …Read More »
  • World Map

    World Map

    We have already added a map of the world for 2019. Have a look for yourself. Above we have a simple World Map with continents and Regions in different colors. Here at “Map of Europe” we realized that many users coming to our site wanted to look at a map …Read More »
  • Europe Map 2020

    Europe Map 2020

    Europe Political Map 2020 With the year 2019 about to end we decided that it was time to add an updated version of our map of Europe. Physically, not a lot has changed from the beginning to the end of 2019. The Crimea is technically still part of Ukraine but …Read More »
  • Europe Map 2019

    Europe Map 2019

    Well it is that time of the year again. It is time to start thinking about what the Europe Map is going to look like in 2019. Last year in 2018 we speculated as to what the Europe Map would look like in 2018. We speculated about the UK leaving …Read More »
  • Live Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak World Map

    Live Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak World Map

     The Coronavirus is speading faster than the WHO expected. There are new cases popping up everyday and more people are dying as a result. Even countries like Australia that should have been considered relatively safe due to being in the summer season are getting more cases daily. The travel …Read More »
  • Rail Europe Map 2020

    Rail Europe Map 2020

    Eurail Map 2020 We have updated this map for the year 2020. Here we have an updated map of all the intercontinental railway lines of Europe. 2019 is fast approaching and rail network will not be changing next year so we though we would put this up for those trying …Read More »
  • 10 Smallest Countries in Europe

    10 Smallest Countries in Europe

    What are the 10 smallest countries in Europe? In 2020 this list has not changed. The only real difference to the current map of Europe is that the UK has left the European Union because of Brexit. This is a list of the ten (10) smallest countries within Europe. What …Read More »
  • Map of Hungary

    Map of Hungary

    Hungary map We have added a new Hungary map for 2019 as the old one was starting to show some wear and tear. it shows all the provinces, capital city, major cities and major roads. As people generate more revenues these days, they are now getting more inclined to leisure …Read More »
  • Map of Croatia

    Map of Croatia

    Croatia Map We have added a new Croatia Map. The old one has become a bit long in the tooth but does have some characteristics that the new map doesn’t. So we have included it below if you are here looking for that map. This new map was added in …Read More »
  • EU Map

    EU Map

    Map of the EU Click on the image above to get a large version of the map of the European Union. The European Union is currently a conglomeration of 28 European countries, which we will list below. The map has included the United Kingdom. However due to the Brexit vote https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brexit, …Read More »
  • Map of Spain

    Map of Spain

    Spain is a lovely place to visit, with one of Europe’s best climates and friendly people to boot. A vacation to Spain will leave you with some amazing lasting memories. Travel around this wonderful country is easy. You can’t escape Spain’s history and culture even if you wanted to. It is …Read More »
  • Map of Serbia

    Map of Serbia

    Serbia Map We have added a new Serbia map for 2019. it shows all the major roads, provinces, capital city and other major cities. Serbia is on the Europe map for 2020 but isn’t on the EU Map for 2020. In the map of Europe, you can actually see a …Read More »
  • Map of Montenegro

    Map of Montenegro

    Montegro is still on the Europe map for 2020 but not on the European Union map for 2020. If you love travelling around the world, then you should not miss passing through Montenegro. Because of the scenic and beautiful attractions which the country offers which you will see in the map of …Read More »
  • Latest Coronavirus World Map

    Latest Coronavirus World Map

    Coronavirus Outbreak As of todays date (18th of February 2020) the Coronavirus has infected 73,259 individuals and killed 1,868. The vast majority being from China and of those Chinese most are from Hubei province. As the The humanitarian costs of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continue to rise we will be …Read More »
  • Map of Western Europe

    Map of Western Europe

    Western Europe as we know it, is a geopolitical construct that came into being at the time of the Cold War. Although references to West and Eastern Europe can be traced back to the Roman empire. Shortly after World War 2 the alliance between the USSR and England/USA broke down …Read More »
  • Map of Eastern Europe

    Map of Eastern Europe

    The countries in Red above make up what is known as Eastern Europe. East Europe as a concept has been in decline since the end of the cold war. Many of the countries on the Western border of the above countries marked in red have either entered the European Union …Read More »
  • EU Map 2020

    EU Map 2020

    Map of the EU 2020 With Boris Johnson winning the UK election with a thumping majority the current EU map is going to change in a very big way. All us map making sites are in a bit of “tizzy” as to how to handle this. He at mapofeurope.com we …Read More »
  • World Map 2020

    World Map 2020

    Map of the World 2020 Above we have a new world map for 2020. Not much has changed since 2019. Brexit is destined to happen now that Boris Johnson won a thumping majority in the UK parliament. However that does not affect the borders marked on this map at all. …Read More »
  • Europe Political Map

    Europe Political Map

    Political Map of Europe   We have a new Europe Map for 2020 and a World Map for 2020. Above we have a massive map of Europe. The size of the map is 2500 pixels by 1761. To get the full view you need to click on the image and …Read More »
  • Map of Google Street View Coverage in Germany and Austria

    Map of Google Street View Coverage in Germany and Austria

    Both the countries of Germany and Austria had decided in 2010 to not allow Google street view operate in the respective countries. This decision has made for a very unusual map of Germany and Austria. In the map above you can see that the countries all around have squiggly green …Read More »
  • Slovakia


    We have added a new Slovakia map for 2019. It shows all the major roads, major cities, Capital city and Provinces. Slovakia is a small country located in the Central Europe, south of Poland. Most part of the country is rugged and mountainous. Thus, it is a perfect destination for winter sports …Read More »
  • Map of Albania

    Map of Albania

    Albania Map For 2019 we have added a new Albania map. The old one was starting to look a bit dated and a few things had changed since that map was drawn. Words cannot describe the beautiful and almost untouched coastlines in Albania. You can walk across Europe and still …Read More »
  • Map of Slovenia

    Map of Slovenia

    Slovenia Map We have added a new Slovenia map for 2019 as the old one was starting to show some wear and tear. it shows all the provinces, capital city, major cities and major roads. Slovenia lies in the heart of Europe. This small green country has an area measuring …Read More »
  • Map of Poland

    Map of Poland

    Poland Map We have added a Poland map for 2019 and beyond. Below is a List of Provinces and some of the stats about those provinces. Abbreviation Province Polish Name Capital Cities Population Area Sqare Km DS Lower Silesian dolnośląskie Wrocław 2,901,000 19,947 KP Kuyavian-Pomeranian kujawsko-pomorskie Bydgoszcz1,Toruń2 2,079,900 17,972 LU …Read More »
  • Map of Monaco

    Map of Monaco

    Quick facts about Monaco Location: Western Europe, bordering the Mediterranean Sea on the southern coast of France, near the border with Italy Geographic coordinates: 43 44 N, 7 24 E Area: “total: 1.95 sq km land: 1.95 sq km water: 0 sq km” Land boundaries: “total: 4.4 km border countries: …Read More »
  • Istanbul


    Istanbul once known as Constantinople People always wonder about the thing that makes Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey one of the world’s famous cities in Europe. Perhaps it is important that such people travel to Istanbul so that they can experience, first-hand, the various cultural centers and other tourist …Read More »
  • Prague


    Click on the map of Prague above to enlarge.  Prague the cosmopolitan treasure What makes Prague, which is the largest and capital city of the Czech Republic, different from other cities? Is it worth spending your holidays in or is it just an ordinary city with nothing for its visitors …Read More »
  • Map of Berlin

    Map of Berlin

    Berlin Map   This map of Berlin shows all the major boroughs and suburbs they are broken up into. When travelling around Berlin make sure you always have a map on you as it can get pretty confusing. Berlin is one of those iconic European cities. It was destroyed almost …Read More »
  • Blank Map of Europe

    Blank Map of Europe

      Here is a blank map of Europe. Unlike most other blank Europe maps we have made the oceans blue to distinguish them from the actual continental mass. The assignment here is to try and name all the countries. You can either do this in a program like MS paint …Read More »
  • Time Zone World Map

    Time Zone World Map

    Why Do We Need a Time Zone World Map The planet earth is broken up into regions we call time zones. They basically follow the cycle of the sun as the earth spins and different parts of the world face the sun. Humans need to sleep and we generally do …Read More »
  • World Map 2019

    World Map 2019

    We have added a World Map for 2019. Has much changed since we added World Map 2018 ? Not really. There are still wars raging in the middle east that threaten to change the face of the world map but borders have not been redrawn as yet. There is still …Read More »
  • Road Map of Europe

    Road Map of Europe

    Road Map of Europe So here we have a map of all the major highways in Europe. There are no highway names as the map would not probably fit onto the website. It is just here to give you an idea of what countries are connected by the main road …Read More »
  • Legal Status of Bitcoin in Europe (Map)

    Legal Status of Bitcoin in Europe (Map)

    How Many European Countries have Legalized Bitcoin? 45 European countries have legalized Bitcoin. 3 Countries are neutral on the legal status of Bitcoin. 6 Countries have provided no information on the legal status of Bitcoin. 1 country (Republic of Macedonia) has made bitcoin illegal. The table below shows what the …Read More »
  • Will the European Union (EU) Survive Brexit?

    Will the European Union (EU) Survive Brexit?

    What is Brexit? Brexit is the conjunction of two words Britain and Exit. It was coined by The Economist magazine back in 2012. It describes the anticipated split of Britain from the EU.  Brexit is such a commonly used term that it has been added to the Oxford Dictionary. Will …Read More »
  • What are the Transcontinental Countries of Europe and Asia?

    What are the Transcontinental Countries of Europe and Asia?

    What are the Transcontinental Countries of Europe and Asia? There are 4 countries that are considered transcontinental between Europe and Asia. These are The Russian Federation, The Republic of Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, ( Georgia ). We are taking the literal meaning of Transcontinental means a country’s landmass is contiguously located …Read More »
  • How Many Countries in Europe?

    How Many Countries in Europe?

    Countries of Europe The United Nations officially recognizes 44 countries in Europe. Below we have a table which shows a full list of the countries and the capital cities  of Europe in population order. There are a few countries that did not make the list that possibly could have. These …Read More »
  • Colorful Map Of Europe

    Colorful Map Of Europe

    Click on the image above to get a big colorful map of Europe. Here we have a simple but colorful map of Europe. It is blank enough that people will be able to download it and modify it. We are dedicating 2019 to adding as many different map of Europe …Read More »
  • Europe Undersea Cable Map

    Europe Undersea Cable Map

    Click on the map of European undersea cables above to enlarge Not much has changed in the world of undersea fibre optic cables in 2018. The map above is a snap shot from Submarinecablemap.com a great resource that keeps up to date on all the undersea cables that are being …Read More »
  • Russia Ukraine – Martial Law After Seizure

    Russia Ukraine – Martial Law After Seizure

    Above we have a map of Russia and the Ukraine showing the sight of the latest altercation. The Ukraine has declare martial Law after Russia seized 3 military vessels near the Kersch Straight. Under the terms of a 2003 agreement, the Azov sea and its access point through the Kerch …Read More »
  • Greenland


    Map of Greenland While Greenland is technically closer to Canada than it is to Europe. It is an autonomous constituent country within the kingdom of Denmark. With a low population of about fifty seven thousand people, it is one the least populated territories on earth. The capital is Nuuk and …Read More »
  • Map of Official Languages of Europe

    Map of Official Languages of Europe

    Map of the Languages of Europe You can click on the map above to get a visual relationship of the languages and the countries they are attached to. We recognise that the term “official language” can be somewhat debated. So what we have put together here is a map of …Read More »
  • Physical Map of Europe

    Physical Map of Europe

    Physical Map of Europe We have added a “Physical Map of Europe” to our collection. So what is a Physical map anyway and how would it differ from a “Political Map of Europe“? Physical maps have virtually the same information as political maps however they are designed to show physical …Read More »
  • Map of Europe Pre World War One

    Map of Europe Pre World War One

    Europe Map before World War 1 Here we have a map of Europe before the break out of WW1. As you can see there are some Countries that have remained relatively the same. Norway, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands and Italy to name a few. What is different is …Read More »
  • Map of Wales

    Map of Wales

    Map of Wales We have finally added a political map of Wales. How can we be a site that claims to know things about the map of Europe and not have a map of Wales? Well finally we have rectified that situation. Wales is one of the countries that make …Read More »
  • Interactive Map of Europe

    Interactive Map of Europe

    Be sure to click on a European country above to get a large image of that country. Here at Europe map, we now have a Europe Map for 2019.Read More »
  • UK Map

    UK Map

    Hi friends, We have a new a updated for 2018 map of the United Kingdom (UK Map). Has much changed? No not really. The Orkney Islands are still in the same place and the Shetland Islands have not wandered off to the Americas. Internally the UK is basically the same …Read More »
  • World Cup 2018 Russia – Map of Cities with Venues.

    World Cup 2018 Russia – Map of Cities with Venues.

    List of World Cup 2018 Russia, Host Cities and Venues Here we have a map of the host cities in Russia for the World Cup 2018. Below we have a list of the cities and the stadium names with the capacity of the stadium listed. The only city that has …Read More »
  • Map Of Income Inequality Across Europe

    Map Of Income Inequality Across Europe

    We collated income inequality stats into a graph and a map of Europe. This highlights which countries have income inequality issues. Not all European countries have been included. Notables like Russia did not have the data available as of time of publishing. The formula that is used to derive the …Read More »
  • Top 40 European Economies By GDP 2018

    Top 40 European Economies By GDP 2018

    Top 40 European Economies 2018 Here we have a table of the top 40 European countries ranked by Gross Domestic Product. This doesn’t only include European Union Countries but all the countries that are considered part of the continent of Europe. Some interesting takeaways from this years European GDP figures …Read More »
  • World Map 2018

    World Map 2018

    Above we have a World Map for 2018. It is basically a political world map although it does not use the traditional political map colors. Those colors are so 1995 anyway. In this world map we include all the countries of the world and their related capital cities. It is …Read More »
  • Europe Map 2018

    Europe Map 2018

    A New Europe Map This is the new 2018 Political Europe Map. Europe isn’t changing much at the moment. Not like in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. The only change we can expect either this year or in the next few years is the United Kingdom leaving the EU. …Read More »
  • Europe Map of National Dishes

    Europe Map of National Dishes

    Map of the National Dishes of European Countries Here we have a Europe map with all the national dishes of the different countries listed. While lots of the dishes are endemic to certain countries. However this is not the whole story. Gastronomically speaking Europe would be better split up into …Read More »
  • Map of Armenia

    Map of Armenia

    A map of Armenia Armenia is considered to be on the very edge of what we would call modern day Europe. Some experts would say it is part of Asia Minor but one thing we know is that it definitely is a country that spans the east/west divide. The capital …Read More »
  • Map of Roman Cities and Roads in Ancient Britain

    Map of Roman Cities and Roads in Ancient Britain

    Iron age Britain was dominated by one form of man made structure, that being the Roman road. Arguably the two Roman walls: the Antonine wall and Hadrian’s wall looked more impressive to the naked eye and the garrisons that became towns like Lindum and Veronis held large groups of humanity. …Read More »
  • German Election Map 2017

    German Election Map 2017

    German election map for the 2017 election Here we have the German electoral results by region for the 2017 German election. It is as of  September 24, 2017 and the results are by no means final. What we do know already is that Angela Merkel has won a fourth term but …Read More »
  • Map of Europe 2018

    Map of Europe 2018

    Map of Europe 2018 We know we might be jumping the gun a little here by publishing what we think the 2018 map of Europe is going to look like but we are known for being impatient. However it is nearly 2018 already and the borders of Europe are not …Read More »
  • Eurail Map

    Eurail Map

    Eurail Map or also known as Euro Rail Map Here we have a huge Eurail Map of train lines that cross Europe. We have a list of the destinations and an indication of the path that the trains take. We have kept the map large so you can make out …Read More »
  • Map of Barcelona

    Map of Barcelona

    Here is a Map of BarcelonaRead More »
  • Map of Georgia

    Map of Georgia

    Map of Georgia Georgia is a small country of a about 4 million people as of 2017. Situated at the most eastern end of Europe, on the shores of the Black Sea. In Ancient times it was a key point on the famous Silk Road and possibly where Jason and …Read More »
  • Map of Rome

    Map of Rome

    A clear and precise map of the city of Rome.Read More »