Travelling to Zagreb, Croatia

In 1094, two Hungarian villages emerged in the area that today comprises Zagreb. After surviving destruction by Mongol invaders 150 years later, and an ongoing rivalry between the two settlements, the two villages finally united as one in the face of invasion by the Turks. By the 16th century, the two were being commonly referred … Continue reading “Travelling to Zagreb, Croatia”

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Touring Kiev, Ukraine

When you are planning your next travel destination, why not consider going to Kiev, Ukraine? With beautiful architecture and a rich and historical culture, Kiev may just be your new favourite vacation of all time. Kiev is the capital city of Ukraine and has a long and varied eastern European history. As you can see … Continue reading “Touring Kiev, Ukraine”

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Berne, Switzerland

Travelling to Berne, Switzerland What a rare treat to be able to experience the beauty that is Berne, Switzerland. Get your map of Berne out and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Considered one of the best cities in terms of quality of life, Berne is number 4 in terms of population density … Continue reading “Berne, Switzerland”

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The Way of St. James

Emerging in medieval times, the Way of St. James (El Camino de Santiago) is an excursion of nearly 800 kilometres across Northern Spain in order to arrive at the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, where many believe the remains of Saint James lie. There are many locations to begin the journey apart from that of … Continue reading “The Way of St. James”

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Tour Berlin

Enjoy the travel experience in Berlin If one is looking for the best travel Europe experience then they should definitely consider going to the German city of Berlin. This city is one of the sixteen cities that make up the great republic that is Germany. Germany has had both a good and bad historical past … Continue reading “Tour Berlin”

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Athens – The Ancient Wonder

Wonderful Ancient Athens The city of Athens is the Capital of Greece that boasts of numerous things that attract visitors including some of the world’s best tourist attractions. Visitors who tour Athens are come to experience the monuments that Athens offers as well as explore the tourism industry. As such the city which is also … Continue reading “Athens – The Ancient Wonder”

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Madrid boasts of a good reputation as a frontrunner in finance, administration, politics as well as services that make it a cosmopolitan city. This capital of Spain is rich in architectural and historical marvels that are of artistic culture and important heritage. Madrid lies about 646 meters above sea level at the centre of the … Continue reading “Madrid”

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Moscow a diamond in the rough

Moscow is known for its exotic beauty as well as number of attractions that are characteristic to Russia. As the capital of Russia, Moscow remains to be a hotspot for many tourists due to the presence of cultural sites, historical monuments, ports and museums that tourists come to explore while on holidays. As a matter … Continue reading “Moscow a diamond in the rough”

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Who coined the name Dublin in reference to the capital of Ireland? There numerous explanations that have been offered but none has been able to reveal the person that chose to call this city Dublin, as it is known today. Some people claim that the name Dublin was a derivative from two Irish words Dubh … Continue reading “Dublin”

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Stockholm – winter style Stockholm is Sweden’s largest and capital city. It is also considered to be one of Sweden’s most important cultural, economic, media and political centers and its strategic location makes it open to visitors from all over the world. In case you are looking for a city where you can spend all … Continue reading “Stockholm”

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Virgin America

Virgin America review Virgin America is one of the many companies that are underneath Richard Branson’s Virgin Brand. It is not the same airline as Virgin Atlantic, although you can expect the same level of service as this. The law states that no more than 25% of an American Airline can be held by a … Continue reading “Virgin America”

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Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines North and South America Spirit Airlines are one of the cheapest airlines within the United States of America. The company currently bases its operations in Dallas, Detroit, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas and Chicago, which means it services some of the most popular destinations in the United States at a very low cost. Spirit … Continue reading “Spirit Airlines”

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Glitz and glamour of Cannes

Cannes, a city located in France is perhaps most well known as the venue for the popular Cannes Film Festival. What once started as a small fishing village has quickly expanded to become one of the most important destinations for movie buffs in the world. During the month of May the city becomes a hub … Continue reading “Glitz and glamour of Cannes”

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Tourism in Minsk

Minsk For the traveller on a budget Containing admirable squares, enchanting gardens, spacious promenades and Soviet-era architecture, the capital of Belarus is one of the more traditional members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). In fact, those who experienced the former Soviet Union often say its norms strikingly bare resemblance to the USSR. When … Continue reading “Tourism in Minsk”

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Dubrovnik Croatia

Things to do in Dubrovnik Croatia Walk Dubrovnik’s fortified walls. Daytrip to Lokrum Island. Find the amazing bar Buža. Visit the Cathedral of the Assumption. Take the cablecar to Srđ. Visit a medieval pharmacy. Watch the mayhem of the Midday pigeon feeding. Visit St Blaise’s Church. Try to be there during Carnival. Drink the refreshing … Continue reading “Dubrovnik Croatia”

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Bucharest Romania

Travelling to Bucharest, Romania A popular legend in Romania has it that in olden days, a shepherd named Bucur (whose name translates to “Joy”) lived on the banks of the Dambovita River. He loved to play the flute for people and all loved the wine he produced. The surrounding area was supposedly named Bucharest in … Continue reading “Bucharest Romania”

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Travelling to Valletta, Malta

Remarkably rich with history and rugged physical beauty, the small island of Malta is truly considered one of the Mediterranean’s gems. With a past dating back to the Neolithic age and a location at the crossroads of the world, Malta, despite its size – has factored importantly into the tale of the ages, both in … Continue reading “Travelling to Valletta, Malta”

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What are the 10 oldest continuously inhabited cities in Europe?

Here at love educating our users and one of our favorite topics is history. In this Brand new education category we will endeavor to make learning as fun as possible. Without further adieu here is a inaugural educational article. The Ten Oldest continuously inhabited cities in Europe are :   1) Athens: map of ancients monuments Athens The Greeks feature quite … Continue reading “What are the 10 oldest continuously inhabited cities in Europe?”

Travelling to the Black Forest

The next time you visit Germany, one sight you won’t want to miss is the intriguingly unique black forest. Situated in south-western reaches of Germany, this is an area that gets its name from the thick heavy undergrowth of foliage that routinely blocks out the sun. This ecologically rich mountainous area is heavily wooded and … Continue reading “Travelling to the Black Forest”

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French Riviera holiday with with Style!

This sprawl of pebble beaches and billion-dollar houses has always captivated sun lovers and socialites. Today’s admirers know not to miss the Côte d’Azur’s textbook points of interest: animated St-Tropez; the Belle Époque aura of Cannes; the towns made famous by Picasso-Antibes, Vallauris, Mougins; the urban charms of Nice; and a number of spots where … Continue reading “French Riviera holiday with with Style!”

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The Lake District England

One of the great treasures of England is tucked away in the North-West of the country – the picturesque mountains, lush valleys, rocky peaks, moorlands and lakes, known collectively as the Lake District. Located entirely within the modern English county of Cumbria, and easily accessible by trunk roads, rail and ferry, “The Lakes” as they … Continue reading “The Lake District England”

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Andalusia: A Travel Destination To The Heart Of Spain’s History and Culture

Andalusia is one of the most prosperous of Spain’s seventeen autonomous communities. It’s also what most people think of when they think about the romance and mystique of Southern Spain. Apart from the fabulous fairs (ferias and fiestas) which take place beginning in April and extend into the fall, there are the historic provinces of … Continue reading “Andalusia: A Travel Destination To The Heart Of Spain’s History and Culture”

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Map of the United Kingdom

This is without any doubt the most popular country in Europe. It also enjoys a remarkable popularity around the world. Its capital city is London and the official language here and in the entire kingdom is the famous English language. The United Kingdom has a remarkable population of over 60,100,000 people. This marvellous kingdom is … Continue reading “Map of the United Kingdom”

Map of Ukraine

The country of Ukraine is located in the Eastern side of Europe. It offers some of the most affordable accommodations in Europe. If you are heading to visit this country, it is best to begin your travel in the city of Kiev. Start your holiday in the largest city in the country that can offer … Continue reading “Map of Ukraine”

Map of Turkey

Travelling across many countries in the world is a very enjoyable and interesting thing to do. Not all people have the chance to travel because of expensive airline tickets and considering the thousands of dollars you will be spending from hotel accommodation, car rental to food trips and shopping. For an avid traveller like you, … Continue reading “Map of Turkey”

Map of Switzerland

Switzerland is a true winter wonderland, just check a map of Switzerland if a skiing holiday is what you are after then there are few places in the world that offer better ski packages than Switzerland. However summer holidays in Switzerland can be Just as fulfilling. The mild climate of the Swiss summer makes for a … Continue reading “Map of Switzerland”

Map of Sweden

Sweden is definitely one of the most common countries in the map of Europe. It has a population of over 9.3 million people. Its capital city is Stockholm. Swedish is the official national language of Sweden with only a few people within the country speaking English as their second language. The national currency in Sweden … Continue reading “Map of Sweden”

Map of Slovenia

Slovenia lies in the heart of Europe. This small green country has an area measuring 20, 273 km2 and has a population of 2 million. It is the only country in Europe that combines the Alps, Mediterranean, Pannonian plain and the Karst. Ljubljana is the capital and largest city of Slovenia. The city is the … Continue reading “Map of Slovenia”

Map of Serbia

In the map of Europe, you can actually see a lot of potential places one can have their dream vacation. One of the most popular countries that are known to give maximum satisfaction to foreigners is Serbia. Tourists in the place will get the chance to enjoy the national parks found in Belgrade. Mountain resorts … Continue reading “Map of Serbia”